2022 NBA Playoffs Can Be Celebrated In VR With Rec Room Crossover

The NBA has partnered with Rec Room to produce a crossover wherein basketball fans can celebrate the currently ongoing 2022 Playoff season. Described as a social app that users can play like a game, Rec Room is similar to VRChat in that it allows players from around the globe to hang out, build new content, and explore millions of user-created hubs. The experience first hit PC in the summer of 2016, then migrated to PlayStation, Oculus Quest, Android, iOS, and Xbox platforms in subsequent years.

Though Rec Room is often billed as a virtual reality-based game, those without access to a headset can still hop in and enjoy the platform's wide range of content options. In the many years since its original release, Rec Room regulars have created rooms that include everything from paintball games and theme parks to Bloodborne-inspired Hunter's Dream recreations and survival horror adventures. No stone has been left unturned, then, especially when considering the next crossover that developer and publisher Rec Room plans to roll out for players.

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Today, April 14, developer Rec Room and the National Basketball Association announced free crossover content that will offer basketball fans an NBA Experience, complete with new ways to celebrate the sport in time for the 2022 Playoffs. Starting today and lasting throughout the league's postseason, those who sign in to Rec Room can participate in several basketball-themed events and contests, talk draft picks, represent their teams in themed gear, and showcase their trick shot skills to obtain NBA-centric collectible items. As the Playoffs persist, Rec Room will receive updates inspired by "real-time game outcomes," the development team noted in a press release.

As far as VR games inspired by the real world goes, this Rec Room x NBA Playoffs experience sounds as though it will give newcomers and longtime fans a reason to regularly invest themselves in happenings related to the real and digital worlds. So, if, say, the Brooklyn Nets beat the Boston Celtics this Sunday, Rec Room may very will serve as the place to be come Monday morning.

Interestingly, another national sport has its sights set on virtual reality, as well. The NFL announced late last month its plans to partner with StatusPRO to produce the first-ever official NFL football VR title. Details about the project remain scarce as of writing, but StatusPRO insists fans will be able to hit the gridiron in an immersive first-person, 3D experience on PlayStation VR and Meta Quest platforms.

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Rec Room is playable on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS, and Oculus Quest.

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