1000-Lb Sisters: Why Fans Need To Stop Calling Tammy 'Hammy'

Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters has been called many names throughout her career, but none are as bad as "Hammy Tammy." Viewers haven't been kind to the Kentucky native, who has so far failed to qualify for gastric bypass surgery. Tammy remains in an assisted living facility where she can get the help that she needs, but that isn't stopping fans from throwing shade.

Tammy has been under fire throughout three seasons, whether she's being dragged by a love interest, family member, or troll. Therefore, it may be fair to assume that Tammy is used to negative press about her. She might even think that any press is beneficial, whether it's positive or negative. She has often (lovingly?) referred to her sister as a "bit*h" on the show, where she has also given herself the "Queen Tammy" nickname. While 1000-lb Sisters fans can often be cruel, Tammy seems to have taken most of it in stride. However, a recent nickname may not sit so well with the star.

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Since the New Year, followers have taken to mocking Tammy on TikTok (such as muthav.mua) by calling her a rather cruel nickname, "Hammy." The mean moniker stuck after a few fans with less than favorable opinions of Tammy decided to make fun of her. The name drop came after 1000-lb Sisters' Tammy tried her best to impersonate Wynonna Judd in a video. Instead, she unknowingly gave her haters a bit of ammunition to mock her with.

Even if a fan doesn't like Tammy, it is not okay for them to body-shame her. At the time, some condemned the troll's rude behavior. However, more often than not, it seemed like most people were jumping on the bullying bandwagon. A lot of people who watch the show think that Tammy has fallen out of love with the idea of being healthy, as it relates to losing weight. They think that she could enjoy her life more if she made a concerted effort to follow the instructions of her doctors.

While it is unrealistic to assume that every person who watches 1000-lb Sisters will suddenly realize that they are being too mean to Tammy, it is worth noting that her newest nickname is exceptionally cruel. If Tammy takes the initiative and begins to make positive changes in her life, the fans may possibly stop taunting her online. Tammy is a human being and she deserves compassion, no matter how much she weighs.

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