10 Things Fans Love About The Big Bang Theory, According To Reddit

It's been recently announced that an official The Big Bang Theory tell-all book is coming out in October 2022. The upcoming tales and behind-the-scenes secrets from the show's main actors have inspired many fans to rewatch the series and share their thoughts on Reddit.

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Aside from conversing about the emotional scenes or quotes that made Redditors cry, fans also noted how many times they watched the series and what they loved most about it. From the unique characters to its celebration of science, TBBT is a show for everyone.

After binging TBBT, fans wanted to know more about the friendship between Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, and so on. Working on a show for 12 seasons made the cast incredibly close, which added to the chemistry audiences saw on their screens.

One Redditor mentioned that the chemistry among the characters was just part of the reason why they loved the show. They wrote, "Great cast. On top of great acting, the cast has marvelous chemistry with each other. I love watching behind-the-scenes videos because you really get the sense that they enjoy working together."

The Big Bang Theory had the sweetest friendship scenes. Whether it was the guys playing nerdy games, the women having their famous girls' nights, or deep heart-to-hearts, the power of friendship was one of the show's biggest themes. The comfort the group had with each other is what EB3031 loved most.

They wrote, "I love it because it's a 'warm' show." "It's just a show that cheers me up when I feel a little down and it's not just that I like the characters as if they were real friends but the set of the show is also kind of...warm," they continued saying.

It's known fairly quickly that the main characters on TBBT have high IQs. In the first episode, it's noted that Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj all work in the sciences at Caltech. Eventually, Amy and Bernadette are added to the show who also work in different branches of science.

It's uncommon for a sitcom to focus on the lives of a physicist, engineer, astrophysicist, or microbiologist. It's because of this that U90mega loved the show. Outside of the "science and comedy" aspect, they also appreciated "the fact that they used correct, absolutely correct references and mathematics."

At the start of the series, Penny and Sheldon couldn't have been more different and often butted heads. But by the end, Penny and Sheldon had one of the best friendships, filled with a sibling-like bond.

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Their relationship is part of the reason why one Redditor loved the show. "Sheldon is unique and one of the best things about TBBT is actually the relationship between Sheldon and penny," they wrote. The Redditor finished off by saying, "Their moments were always funny and brutally honest. Sheldon and Penny were why I started watching."

The likes of Sheldon, Bernadette, Raj, and Amy were similar but special in their own way. Each character had something to add to the group, solidifying their place in the social circle.

After one Redditor named all the ways they saw themselves in each character, PristinePsychology48 agreed, writing, "That's what I love about the characters. They are so relatable. You see a part of yourself in all of them." With such distinctive characters, the show reaches a wide range of viewers.

The Big Bang Theory sometimes gets bad reviews on Reddit because of the stereotypes and tropes shown throughout. However, fans appreciate the show's celebration of knowledge, especially Sheldon Cooper's quotes that prove he's the smartest.

LordBoomDiddly told Reddit some of the reasons why they loved the show: "It has cameos from various important scientists, it does real physics (all the whiteboard stuff is real maths done by a proper physicist), it talks about complex things such as string theory & super-asymmetry..." They concluded their thoughts by saying "it's a very smart show" that should be appreciated for the work that went into it.

One of the best parts of the series is watching how each character developed. Sheldon, for instance, grew from a robotic genius who didn't understand sarcasm to a Nobel prize winner and husband.

Watching Amy and Sheldon's relationship grow over the years was sweet to watch. Reddit user Churchofbabyyoda noted that they loved Amy and Sheldon's bond in the series. "Sheldon had a positive impact on Amy and Amy had a positive impact on Sheldon. Both brought out the best in each other," they wrote.

TBBT is both motivational and inspirational. Not only do the characters have goals and dreams at work, but they grow into better people as the series went on.

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Daveojack told Reddit, "I’m about to graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering and thinking back, I realized that watching TBBT when I was young really sparked my interest in a career in Physics." Similarly, Blueporch wrote, "TBBT showed my highly intelligent nephew a world outside his middle school hell where people like him were happy, accepted, valued, and had friends."

Sheldon didn't always make sense on TBBT, but that's what made his character so endearing. As brilliant as he was, he didn't always understand sarcasm or basic social norms. His character became popular because some viewers saw themselves in him.

DanicaKS related with Sheldon, which is why they loved the show. They wrote, "I used to have a lot of trouble with emotions and sarcasm and I have OCPD." They went on to say that they continued watching for the "nerdy stuff" because of their love for physics, just like Sheldon.

Penny wasn't the most educated character, but she had her moments where she was smarter than the guys. Sheldon and co. may have been knowledgeable in physics but they didn't know a thing about pop culture like Penny did.

One Redditor mentioned that the pop culture references were some of the best parts of the show. They wrote, "Character and situational relatability, story and character arcs, clever use of literary devices, seamless pop culture references" were all of the reasons why they loved TBBT.

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