Young Uhura Introduced In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Video

A new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds video introduces young Uhura. Celia Rose Gooding becomes the latest actor to tackle the role of Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek universe. She follows in the footsteps of original Uhura Nichelle Nichols and Star Trek 2009 reboot Uhura Zoe Saldana.

Nichols of course made history when she joined the bridge crew of the Enterprise as communications officer for Star Trek: The Original Series. Later, the actress would make the leap to the big screen, playing Uhura in the first six Star Trek movies. In the newest Trek venture, set before the events of TOS, Uhura is not yet a communications officer but a mere cadet trying to make a name for herself on the Christopher Pike-led Enterprise.

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A new video just posted by Star Trek On Paramount+ shines a spotlight on Strange New Worlds' younger iteration of Uhura as played by Gooding. The clip highlights Uhura’s impressive language skills and shows her interacting with both Anson Mount’s Pike and Ethan Peck’s Spock. See the video in the space below:

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Strange New Worlds of course arrives on Paramount+ amid a full-on Star Trek small screen revival. Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard paved the way, and now Strange New Worlds picks things up with the promise of returning to a more traditional episodic storytelling approach after the serialized seasons offered up by the previous two new Star Trek shows. Of course Strange New Worlds was actually set up by Discovery, as Pike and Spock both appeared on that show before being launched into the galaxy for their own adventures.

But naturally Pike and Spock are not the only old school Star Trek characters set to appear on Strange New Worlds. There’s also Uhura of course, as well as Number One (Rebecca Romijn) and Christine Chapel (Jess Bush). And it was also recently announced that Captain Kirk will join the show in season 2, with Paul Wesley taking on William Shatner’s iconic role.

It remains to be seen if Strange New Worlds fulfills its stated purpose of bringing back some of that old-fashioned episodic Star Trek spirit when it arrives on Paramount+. It also remains to be seen if fans will fully embrace the show's takes on some of their favorite classic characters. But it will certainly be good to learn more about Uhura’s backstory at least, as that character never quite got her due in The Original Series or in the Star Trek movies. Fans can find out how Cadet Uhura evolves into Communications Officer Uhura when Star Trek: Strange New Worlds beams onto Paramount+ on May 5, 2022.

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