Worst Roommate Ever: What Happened To K.C. Joy (All Updates)

Netflix's Worst Roommate Ever captured K.C. Joy's failed efforts to cover up a murder, leaving viewers to wonder what happened to him after and if there are any updates. 38-year-old Army veteran Maribel Ramos was close to finishing her criminal justice degree at CSU when she abruptly disappeared, after failing to show up for several important events. It prompted a police investigation that led right to her roommate, the seemingly easygoing, but much older K.C. Joy.

Early in the investigation, Kwang Choi, or K.C. Joy, quickly became the prime suspect. Early in their living arrangement, Joy seemed quite calm and quiet. He soon developed an obsession with Ramos, however, and spiraled out of control when she suggested he move out because he'd stopped paying rent. Yet he wasn't arrested until a surveillance team monitoring his internet activity caught him studying satellite footage of a remote location where police later found Ramos' body. Although Joy claimed he was innocent, Worst Roommate Ever showed that was given a sentence of 15 years to life in prison for second-degree murder.

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Since then, Worst Roommate Ever's K.C. Joy has continued to maintain his innocence from where he is still incarcerated at the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California. Before his sentencing, he said (via Eyewitness News), "Family wants me to apologize, which I cannot apologize for something I haven't done. Maybe someday [the] truth will come out, maybe I’ll just die inside prison." He wrote countless letters to the judge trying to get a retrial, claiming they had no real evidence against him. Those involved with the case admitted in the latest Netflix documentary that they struggled with this lack of hard evidence. Despite several suspicious details, including Joy's flimsy alibi and Ramos' concerned phone call to police a week before her death, nothing was considered substantial enough to prove K.C. Joy's guilt until his Google search history of the body's location and other gruesome details involving body decomposition were uncovered. Joy also sent a letter to Eyewitness News reiterating his innocence and added that he's writing a book called Suspect, Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Little information about this project exists, but the title suggests it will explore K.C. Joy's experiences being convicted of a crime he claims not to have committed, similar to Joe Exotic's claims in fellow Netflix documentary series Tiger King. Considering the title's play on America's presumption of innocence principle, it appears the book also aims to be a critique the country's justice system. It will be interesting to see if Joy incorporates any of his legal defense's arguments in the book as well. During his trial, they argued that Ramos had a history of paranoia and may have been suicidal, claiming that the worst Joy could be charged with was improper disposal of a body. In his own pleas of innocence, K.C. Joy somewhat contradicted this stance, maintaining how important Ramos was to him as his best friend. However, his years spent behind bars may have made him more amiable to, at the very least, admitting to secretly disposing of Ramos' body.

Worst Roommate Ever meticulously covered K.C. Joy's story up to his trial, but shared very little about what became of him afterward. If Joy does go through with his plans to write a book, he will likely make headlines once again depending on what is revealed within its pages. Perhaps the book will even include a long overdue apology to Ramos' grieving family. Whatever it holds, K.C. Joy will be eligible for parole in February 2023.

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