Welcome To Plathville: Why Fans Think That Isaac May Become A Model

Even though Isaac Plath may be the younger brother to Micah, Welcome to Plathville viewers feel he may be following in his older brother's footsteps when it comes to a modeling career. Since season 3 ended, Isaac has been branching out and even has his own social media account. As he grows into a young man, viewers feel he may be trying to pursue a career in fitness or modeling.

Those who watch Welcome to Plathville are not ready to discount Isaac even though he still lives with his mother and father, Kim and Barry Plath. Viewers have watched as Isaac has grown over the past three seasons. He was once shy and reserved and is now a young man full of opinions. Isaac has started to speak his mind more to his older brother Ethan and even stepped in between a fight to try and keep the peace. Since the season ended, Isaac has taken to the sky as he is learning to become a pilot and is spending more time with his extended family.

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Isaac shocked followers in a recent Instagram post where he was seen working out, side by side with his older brother, Micah. The fifteen-year-old snapped a workout selfie during some heavy sets. Isaac looked extremely buff as he clearly had just finished arm day. Micah was also in the picture showing off his gains, too. Both dressed in matching striped pants and fitted tee shirts. Issac shared that he was spending some much-needed quality time with Micah, who has been living on the West Coast. Check out Isaac's post below:

Welcome to Plathville viewers couldn't help but ask if Isaac is starting to put together his own photos in hopes of becoming a model like his brother. There is no doubt Isaac has the look since he takes after Micah. It is doubtful that his mother, Kim, would allow him to go into the industry before he is 18 and still living under their rules. Isaac's foray into posing didn't go too badly, with followers actually encouraging him to sign to an agency.

Isaac has been making the most of his free time since Welcome to Plathville season 3 ended. He has not only worked on his flying hours but has also been traveling down to Tampa, where Moriah and Ethan now live. Viewers are excited to see Isaac stepping out of his comfort zone and trying new things. Who knows, it may not be too long before he becomes a cover model.

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Source: Isaac Plath/Instagram

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