Vanderpump Rules: Lala Kent Says Randall Emmett Tainted Intimacy For Her

Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules broke her silence about her love life in her recent podcast episode, where she admitted that her ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett, tainted intimacy for her. The Row actress broke off her engagement to the Hollywood producer in October 2021 due to cheating allegations. Recently, Lala accused Randall of cheating on her while being pregnant with their now 11-month-old daughter Ocean Kent Emmett, whom they co-parent together. New details about Lala’s past relationship with Randall come to light almost daily. 

The Give Them Lala author has become more honest about her past relationship and admitted to having been blindsided by her ex, although red flags were right in front of her. However, after the wrapping of Vanderpump Rules season 9, Lala has long moved out and on with a new chapter of her life, where she is focusing on her brand, her daughter, and her sobriety which has been challenging due to the public breakup and the betrayal she has experienced with Randall. Regardless of her past relationship, Lala confirmed she isn’t “bitter” after her breakup and is actually dating multiple dudes. However, being intimate with a new partner is a whole different story. 

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In a recent podcast episode of Give Them Lala, the beauty mogul talks about how her love life has changed after Randall. “I’m not ready to have sex yet. I’m not ready. I have so much work to do in this program still. My relationship with sex back in the day was like, ‘Add him to the roster, this is so fun, let’s drink, let’s touch each other.’ Then I get into a relationship and now that it’s ended and my eyes are open to what was going on behind my back, sex is tainted for me,” the Vanderpump Rules star tells her assistant Jessica Walter. Lala even denies having seen Randall at the Super Bowl party. “I think about it and I’m disgusted. I gotta get out of that. I have to reclaim my sexuality. I have to reclaim what sex means to me because right now it’s dirty, it’s gross. It represents betrayal, it represents darkness. And none of my doing, all of someone else’s doing.”

Lala continued by saying she is working hard on her sobriety and that she is going back to rework some of the steps in Alcoholics Anonymous to get her out of what she deems a negative headspace about her love life. The actress has also been very engaged with her fans on social media, where Lala would do Q&As regarding life lessons, and her take away from Vanderpump Rules. Although Lala and Randall split parental duties - without talking or seeing each other - Lala also mentioned that she is Ocean’s only provider and that Randall does not support her or Ocean. “I’m Ocean’s provider," Lala told Jessica, adding that the money coming in is solely from her own businesses and deals.  

It is unclear if Randall has to pay child support to Ocean and if Lala and the movie producer have to go through a custody battle, as they weren’t married to each other. However, Lala clearly doesn’t need Randall’s money at the moment and co-parenting Ocean seems to be working for them at the moment. Although she has a lot of work to do, it's clear that the Vanderpump Rules star and her daughter will be just fine with the Give Them Lala empire.

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