Vanderpump Rules: How Katie's Taking Her Divorce In Stride

Katie Maloney filed for divorce from Tom Schwartz after a decade of going through ups and downs with him on Vanderpump Rules, and it looks like Katie is taking the big changes in stride. Katie and Tom dated for many years and Katie hoped that they would eventually get married. At their best, the couple was goofy and silly together, with a knack for being themselves in a city that seeks conformity.

At their worst, however, there were rage texts, drunken insults, and cold shoulders. There were also Tom’s black-out drunk cheating scandals, which he supposedly never remembered. Despite so many hiccups, their mutual respect, sense of loyalty, and shared friend group seemed to keep them together. As Katie said herself, the news of their divorce was both shocking and not so surprising to long-term Vanderpump Rules fans. The decision to split was announced on Instagram via synchronized posts from Katie and Tom. Both made it clear that the decision stemmed from Katie.

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Katie shared a short episode on her podcast You’re Gonna Love Me on March 18 giving some details on her decision to get divorced. She thanked fans for the positive messages and solidarity. She shared, “it’s still kind of a tender topic.” While still living together after a month of separation, this process was equal parts “emotional” and “peaceful and loving.” Katie said, “There wasn’t some kind of crazy incident” or “fight.” Rather, Katie found herself waking up inside of her “life and having this voice that just became louder and louder” and recognized she ultimately “just wasn’t happy.” Even though Katie still loves Tom and looked forward to nurturing their friendship it was time to, as Kim Kardashian put it, choose herself.

This week, Katie hit the town with Stassie Schroeder Wednesday evening in a look that screamed “When you want to be 3 people at once." She wore ballet pink kitten heels, leopard print pants, a yellow and pink graphic t-shirt, and a black blazer. Katie styled the look with her increasingly iconic crisp bob, a short heart necklace, and a dark red lip. Later, she posted a boomerang to her Instagram Story showcasing her good time with Stassie out on the town. In the meantime, Katie has also been spotted with Tom at an amicable lunch. On Thursday, Katie got back to work with a promotion for YouTube TV and Tivo, giving fans a tutorial of how the updated version of the original recording device could be paired with YouTube TV for a nostalgic throwback with modern-day streaming accessibility. Katie also showcased her love of Family Feud and teased that she was actually on the show back in the day.

Katie’s taken plenty of time to mull over this decision. Now that it’s arrived in the public eye, she is not skirting around the truth or the path forward. True love was definitely on the table for Tom and Katie at many points in their relationship, but love isn’t the only thing that keeps a marriage going. Hopefully, Katie and Tom keep moving forward in peace and give more insight into their journeys on Vanderpump Rules season 10.

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