The Flash’s New Release Date Is A Michael Keaton Batman Tribute

The Flash's new movie release date is the perfect tribute to Michael Keaton's Batman return. After years of trying to make a solo movie for Ezra Miller's Flash, Warner Bros. and DC Films finally were on the precipice of releasing the movie. Instead, The Flash's release date was delayed once again, pushing the film to a summer 2023 release instead of November 2022. It marks the latest release date change for The Flash, which has experienced multiple delays. While some might be disappointed to have to wait longer, it works perfectly with Michael Keaton's Batman.

The DC Extended Universe has so far used Ben Affleck as its Dark Knight, but the franchise's confusing canon has put The Flash in a position to potentially reboot it. The result is The Flash serving as a loose adaptation of Flashpoint, where Barry Allen changes the timeline while trying to save his mother's life. The multiverse story will be how the DCEU brings Michael Keaton's Batman back for the first time in over three decades. Due to Keaton's status as a fan-favorite version of Batman, his return is one of the most exciting elements of The Flash for many. WB and DC might be building on that enthusiasm with this new delay.

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At first glance, The Flash's release date delay to 2023 just meant that audiences have to wait an additional seven months to see the movie and Michael Keaton's return. While many don't want to wait even longer, the movie's new June 23, 2023 release date is actually significant for Batman. It just so happens that Michael Keaton made his Batman debut 34 years ago to the day that The Flash will come out. Tim Burton's Batman hit theaters on June 23, 1989. Thanks to this latest delay, Michael Keaton's Batman will return on the 34th anniversary of his debut.

The Flash is not the first time Michael Keaton has played Batman since 1989, as he did return for Batman Returns in 1992. However, the anniversary element of his DCEU debut coinciding with his original debut is quite special. Keaton is expected to become the DCEU's main version of Batman moving forward, as The Flash is even theorized to kill Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne. With an appearance already lined up for Batgirl, Keaton's DCEU future begins once The Flash is released. As a result, the nostalgic element of Keaton's return falling on the anniversary of Batman's release is unbelievable.

It is currently unknown if Warner Bros. intentionally made this connection or if The Flash's release date is a happy coincidence. This June 2023 date obviously wasn't the studio's original plan, as release dates were previously set as far back as 2018 that didn't include Keaton. However, there is a chance WB realized the opportunity they had with The Flash to commemorate Michael Keaton's Batman return in a special way. If so, then The Flash's new release date is all the more perfect because of what it means for Keaton.

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