The Boys Finally Reveals The Seven’s Forgotten Member

The Boys Presents: Diabolical introduces the forgotten Seven member Amazon's live-action TV show dropped. Though Eric Kripke and co. have adapted Garth Ennis' The Boys comic books with fidelity, changes along the way were unavoidable, and the story's proximity to reality is among their most notable adjustments. Just as MCU movies offer a (relatively) more realistic universe than Marvel's comics, Amazon's The Boys adopts a comparatively grounded, relatable, this-might-actually-happen tone when held next to Ennis' source material. Naturally, then, some of the weirder heroes didn't survive the transition.

Our biggest absentee from The Boys seasons 1 and 2 is undoubtedly Jack from Jupiter. Ennis' Seven lineup is more or less identical to the one TV audiences will be familiar with: Homelander, Queen Maeve, A-Train, Black Noir, Starlight, and The Deep, but The Boys season 1 introduces Translucent to that sick sextet as a TV-original creation. A man whose body turns see-through doesn't immediately conjure feelings of real-world authenticity, but the supe he replaced from Garth Ennis' comics was even more outlandish. Jack From Jupiter lovingly(?) parodies DC's Martian Manhunter as an alien from another world who came to defend our glorious blue planet.

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Jack From Jupiter might've been kicked out the Seven by Translucent when The Boys leapt into live-action, but The Boys: Diabolical finally gives this overgrown, racist E.T. his due. The spinoff's "I'm Your Pusher" episode is written by The Boys' creator, Garth Ennis, and is drawn in the style of Darick Robertson's comic artwork. Whereas most The Boys: Diabolical episodes take place within Amazon's continuity, "I'm Your Pusher" adopts comic book canon, where Hugh Campbell is a Scottish Simon Pegg lookalike, not Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan's Billy Joel-loving son. As such, Jack From Jupiter finally gets a proper onscreen appearance - albeit in animated form.

The abhorrent alien supe is present during Great Wide Wonder's hall of fame ceremony, speaking with the kind of upper-class British thespian accent many comic readers might've imagined based on his dialogue, but then slipping into a distinctly less formal speech pattern outside public earshot. Also honoring the comic character, Jack From Jupiter is very clearly playing second fiddle to Homelander and Queen Maeve, both in terms of popularity with fans, and his usefulness to the Seven - though he does cunningly blame Great Wide Wonder's death on "Galaxis" to avoid the crowd figuring out what really happened.

The Boys has nodded toward Jack From Jupiter on several occasions. Although Translucent is a totally different character, his skin-hardening ability is shared by Ennis' alien creation. Then in The Boys season 2, a performer from the adult movie Hughie and Lamplighter watch is dressed as Jack From Jupiter, his red cape flapping freely onto bare cheeks. Aside from X-rated Easter eggs and similar powers, however, The Boys: Diabolical marks the first occasion Jack From Jupiter has appeared onscreen in full.

Though some were disappointed at Jack's omission from The Boys, it's an understandable cut. Even if the supe's alien backstory is fabricated by Vought, the mere mention of aliens, spaceships and other planets would've pushed The Boys toward the fantastical, sci-fi end of the superhero spectrum, stripping away that grounded approach Kripke and Amazon were aiming for. The animated stylings of The Boys Presents: Diabolical brought Jack From Jupiter justice, and "I'm Your Pusher" made the right call including this forgotten supe in its trio of featured Seven members.

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