The 10 Saddest Deaths On Game Of Thrones, According To Reddit

Death is one of the things that Game Of Thrones is most famous for, with the show killing off so many beloved - and some not so beloved - characters over its eight seasons. Many of these deaths were expertly written, subverting fan expectation and delivering an emotional gut-punch, with fans still reeling over certain heartbreaking deaths today, something to which Reddit can attest.

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The site has a ton of Game Of Thrones fans who still speak about the show, and the question of saddest death has been posed numerous times, with most of the same answers and the same emotional deaths popping up again and again.

One of the most notable deaths in Game Of Thrones' last season, specifically in the Battle of Winterfell, is that of Ser Jorah Mormont, whose long run of 52 episodes comes to an end with a hugely emotional moment for many fans such as Redditor khaledmohamed16.

"One the most heartbreaking scenes" is how they describe Jorah's death, which comes when he fends off Wights as he protects Daenerys Targaryen. It is a truly sad moment that sums up Jorah and his love and loyalty to the Mother of Dragons, although it is hard to believe he would be overly accepting of what she does at the end of the show.

Oberyn Martell arrived on Game Of Thrones full of charisma with an incredibly likable personality, and left in brutal fashion at the hands of the Mountain in one of the cruelest and saddest deaths in the show, according to many like Dougie1204.

In response to the question of saddest death, they say, "I have to go with the death of the Red Viper Oberyn Martell. He had the Mountain, had him!" They go on to talk about the history of why Oberyn wanted to kill the Mountain, and there is no doubt that makes the death all the sadder; just like the Lannisters, the Mountain was wholly detestable and deserved death at the hands of Oberyn.

Not all Game Of Thrones deaths are violent affairs. Sometimes they are quieter, subtler, still holding an emotional sway to them. A perfect example is Maester Aemon's death, which is deemed one of the show's saddest by Obelix13.

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Talking about a scene in the show that is still incredibly moving, they name the "Death of Aemon Targaryen, after playing with Little Sam's fingers" before quoting Aemon's emotional last words of "Egg! Egg! I dreamed I grew old!" which makes just about every fan of Game Of Thrones tear up.

Game Of Thrones immediately separated itself from the pack in season 1 when it killed off the main protagonist of the show Ned Stark, a death that is hugely important and is more shocking than anything else, but still is heartbreaking to fans like Redditor AWildLoneWolf.

Due to his killing of Ned, the Redditor says that "to this day I hope Joffrey burns in the seven hells and hope his mother joins him soon." This moment took Joffrey past the point of unlikable into genuinely abhorrent, and Ned's death is still an affecting moment upon rewatching to this day, especially when the lives and fate of his children are taken into account.

As far as Baratheon and Lannister kings and queens go, Tommen Baratheon is on the far less evil side than the rest of them. He is just a child, thrust into a position of power who suffered incredible loss, making his suicide even sadder for people like fancreeper2.

They point out that "Him accepting his death so quickly was just kinda devastating." Losing Margaery at the hands of his mother was the final straw for Tommen, who simply could not take it anymore. It is a truly harrowing, shocking moment when he leaps from that window with such ease. It is enough to take any fan's breath away and leave them teary-eyed, whether they liked Tommen or not.

Theon Greyjoy has one of the most consistent journeys in Game Of Thrones qualitatively, and his death is seen by many as not only one of the best moments of "The Long Night," but the saddest to the likes of Redditor CrimsonMotel.

They call Theon's death the most devastating in the series, saying that "He deserved to live more than anyone and be happy after everything he went through." His death acts as the final piece in his redemption puzzle and is perhaps the best moment involving Bran from the point he becomes the Three-Eyed Raven onwards. For all Theon did, for all of his shortcomings, deep down, he was a good man.

Game Of Thrones has a couple of great romances, but there may be none better than that between Ygritte and Jon Snow, making her dying in his arms all the more painful. It is one of the show's most heartbreaking moments for Jon and one of the most tragic overall scenes in the opinion of viperandthemountain.

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In reply to the question of scenes that make fans sad or even cry, they state, "Ygritte's death for sure. Started crying the moment they showed her holding that arrow towards Jon." Not everyone will find this death a terribly emotional one, but everyone can feel sadness for Jon at that moment and appreciate the end of their story.

The Red Wedding remains one of the wildest and most affecting television moments ever. The whole event comes as one of the most unexpected things to happen in Game Of Thronesand the deaths of those involved, including Robb Stark, are often seen as the show's saddest, including by Bing__.

Following the death of the Stark, they say that they "just sat there thinking 'what now?' I was so sad." This is representative of the deaths of Robb, Talia, and Catelyn, all of which get put amongst the most crushing deaths in the show by numerous Redditors, and for a good reason. Knowing that it is coming when rewatching the show does not make it any less unsettling or uncomfortable to witness.

Not many people expected the backstory of Hodor to have such a universally profound impact. Alas, when his "hold the door" story got revealed, and his fate was fulfilled, it left many like Redditor IceJDog heartbroken.

They call it the saddest moment in the entire show, saying, "He had one purpose in life, "hold the door," and spend most of his life repeating Hodor as if he knew he was going to die." There are many Game Of Thrones fans who were left in a ball of tears and emotion when Hodor died, something nobody could have predicted back when the character first got introduced.

The brutality and deep-rooted evilness of some Game Of Thrones moments cannot be overstated, and the death of Shireen Baratheon is the perfect example of the show's ability to make fans cower away in a heartbroken, unnerved state. It is viewed as the show's most wicked, barbaric, and saddest death by many such as a deleted Redditor.

"Shireen was probably the most innocent and blameless character to be murdered and by her own father no less for completely ridiculous cause." is what they say about her burning at the stake. Watching this entire sequence go down for the first time is a distressing experience that leaves everyone devastated - much more so when Davos finds out about the ordeal.

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