Teen Mom: Catelynn Lowell Reveals Why She Wasn't On Spinoff Show

Original Teen Mom cast member Catelynn Lowell explains she wasn't part of the spin-off because of concerns over her newborn's health while traveling during COVID. Catelynn and her husband Tyler Baltiera journey is unique in the Teen Mom world, due to their decision to give their daughter up for adoption. At the time, they were both living in unstable conditions, as both their parents were drug addicts and alcoholics, so they didn't think they should bring a baby into that environment. Throughout their time on the show, the two have shared their journey navigating through their open adoption and all the struggles that come with it. In the beginning, their daughter's adoptive parents allowed their visits to be filmed for the show, but as it's popularity grew they requested the visits remain private.

In recent seasons, the couple has been more open about their frustration with the adoptive parents. Catelynn revealed Carly's parents send her pictures of her and that Catelynn sends them pictures of her other daughters for Carly to see. She explained that when they are able to arrange visits with her, all Carly wants to do is play with her sisters which makes Catelynn really happy. In her eyes, the only thing that matters is that all her daughters form a long lasting bond. Catelynn then praised Carly's parents for the way they handle their unique situation and thanked them for allowing them to be as involved as they are.

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Catelynn recently revealed to fans why she wasn't a part of the spin-off show Teen Mom: Family Reunion, after making an appearance during the last episode. As reported by HollywoodLife, Catelynn initially planned on appearing on the show from the beginning but pulled out due to concern over her newborn daughter Raya. She explained she was looking forward to meeting the other moms and learning more about the stories of the moms she hasn't met before. Despite her excitement over the reunion, she explained she decided not to go out of an abundance of caution for Raya's health, who was only seven days old when filming on the show began. Tyler and her both felt it wasn't safe to travel with a baby during COVID times, especially when the child isn't old enough to receive vaccinations of any kind. They were however able to figure out a way for Catelynn to make it for one day, which she was very happy about.

Catelynn showing up late meant she was able to avoid running into former castmate Farrah Abraham, who was only there for the earlier portion of the trip. The two have feuded in the past, most recently when Farrah suggested Cheyenne Floyd is a bad fit on the show, and she should replace her. When asked if she wished she would have seen Farrah in order to patch things up, Catelynn claimed she was happy with how things turned out. She said she tried multiple times to patch things up but each time she thought they made up, Farrah would speak negatively about her to the media. At this point, Catelynn says she's no longer interested in repairing their relationship and would rather spend time with friends who have proved they care about her.

Now that Catelynn has spoken out about her issues with Farrah, it will be interesting to see whether or not Farrah responds to her comments. Farrah has never been one to hold back from a fight no matter if it's with her Teen Mom co-stars or anyone else who speaks about her.

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