Survivor 42: Castaways Reveal If They Value The Money Or Winning More

Survivor 42 castaways have revealed what they care about more: taking home the million-dollar prize or snatching the title of Sole Survivor and winning the game. The latest installment of castaways has been waiting patiently for their chance to win the title of Sole Survivor and the million-dollar prize. Seasons 41 and 42 postponed filming due to travel restrictions in Fiji amid the pandemic. Like Survivor 41, the newest season features a 26-day cycle, deviating from the typical 39-day competition. While the castaways are on the island for a shorter period, that only means the stakes are even higher to prove they have what it takes to win the game.

Survivor is a game dependent on castaways outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting their other contestants on the island. When attempting to make it to the final tribal, castaways are often forced to lie and cheat their way to the end, whether by hoarding knowledge or deceiving their competitors. Season 42 is set to include many of the same twists and turns as the 41st season. These obstacles include the Beware Advantage that provided many complications for the season 41 castaways. Each new season of Survivor is unique as every new group of castaways proves that the adventure competition echoes the social dynamics seen in the real world.

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In an interview with EW, Survivor 42 castaways were asked to play a simple game of Would You Rather. Each castaway had to choose between two options: win the title of Sole Survivor but receive no money or be eliminated first and receive a million dollars. The grand majority of Survivors revealed that they value the experience of winning the Survivor title more than simply winning the money. Lydia Meredith explained her reasons for feeling the experience of winning Survivor is more valuable than the million-dollar prize. “100% would rather win the game and get nothing. Yeah, the money is an obviously huge reason why people play this game, but at the same point, there's so much growing, and there's adventure, and so many cool rewards,” the waitress explained while hoping for a helicopter reward. “I’d rather 100% the experience than you know, win a million dollars, get out first, and have a quick go of it. I want to get the full experience.

So which Survivor castaways chose the path of least resistance paved with a million dollars? Only two of the 18 castaways admitted that they would forgo the title of the Sole Survivor for the million-dollar prize, both explaining the money is too enticing. Zach Wurtenberger, who was eventually voted out first, revealed that he would take the money and run despite being a longtime fan of the series. “I want it all. I want the title, I want the million dollars, that is a truly life-changing amount of money, especially if you use it correctly, and as I’m starting my life, I want the million dollars,” the student revealed. “I feel like you’d have to be an idiot to turn that much money down.

Survivor is a game based on contestants’ ability to find the balance between integrity and tenacity as they fight for the right to be the last Survivor standing and win the cash prize. Wanting a million dollars isn’t going to cut it when it comes to the jury determining who they feel deserves the title. Whether or not the Survivor 42 cast is being honest about whether they value glory or money more is yet to be determined. After all, the game begins as soon as castaways know they’ll be a part of the competition. Fans of Survivor will have to wait to see if what the castaways have revealed is true once finally put to the test on the island.

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Survivor season 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

Source: EW

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