Star Trek: Picard's Impressive Weapons Collection Shown In BTS Images

A production designer working on Star Trek: Picard has provided audiences with an in-depth look at the weapons collection shown in the alternate future depicted in season 2. Star Trek: Picard is currently following up its debut season, which saw the continuation of Jean-Luc Picard’s story after the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation and its subsequent films. So far the show has given audiences a Guinan cameo, with Whoopi Goldberg returning to play the famous bartender, while John de Lancie has also reprised his role as the god-like alien, Q.

Unlike in Star Trek: The Next Generation, where his influence seemed to be primarily benevolent, the Q seen in Star Trek: Picard appears to be motivated by malice and contempt for the titular character. In his latest challenge for the veteran explorer, Q forces Picard into an alternate timeline where Starfleet never existed, and the malevolent Confederation of Earth rules humanity. Unlike the peaceful Federation, the Confederation aims to extinguish non-human life and dominate the known galaxy. In this timeline, General Picard was Earth’s greatest military leader, known for his ruthless approach to the destruction of alien life. Befitting of his reputation, Picard’s home was shown to be decorated with the skulls of his enemies, including some famous names, and other symbols of his power.

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Now, production designer Dave Blass has provided an in-depth look into some of the finer details around the character’s home. In a post shared to Instagram, Blass shows close-ups of General Picard’s extensive collection of weaponry, highlighting that it contains weapons from the entirety of Star Trek’s 60-year history. In an extensive explanation accompanying the images, the designer also goes into detail on why certain decisions were made, explaining that it was more than simply “a giant wall of Memberberries.” Check out the post below:

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Trekkies will be delighted to learn more about the level of thought and detail that went into the production design. The post highlights that no production decisions were made without a reason, and every object was crafted in order to visually communicate the direction of the story alongside the actors’ performances. They will also be thrilled by the opportunity to get a closer look at some of the weapons, including the Reman disruptor rifle and the Bajoran phaser rifle, and plenty more.

Hopefully Star Trek: Picard can continue to complement the stunning production design with great storytelling. So far, the series has been praised for telling a "classic" Trek story and has shown Starfleet in a more positive light, in line with earlier Star Trek shows. Whatever direction Star Trek: Picard season 2 does progress in, viewers will now be sure to keep one eye on the background to catch and appreciate any more design gems as they appear.

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Source: Dave Blass/Instagram

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