Percy Jackson Casting Speculation Sparked By Mid90s Actor's Script Image

Mid90s star Sunny Suljic sparks speculation that he might have a role in Disney+'s upcoming Percy Jackson series. Few television shows are as highly anticipated as the forthcoming series based on Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians books. The novels, which center on the adventures of the titular demigod son of Poseidon, were previously turned into movies in 2010 and 2013, but they famously failed to win over the dedicated fanbase. As a result, the new Percy Jackson series carries a lot of expectations with it, though Riordan's involvement has done much to ease any concerns.

Percy Jackson was first announced in 2020, but it has only recently begun to gain real traction. After getting the official greenlight back in January, Riordan told fans that casting was underway, and that filming on Percy Jackson was scheduled to begin in June. Fans have eagerly been awaiting news about who might be tapped to play the likes of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, but there have been few updates in recent weeks. All that is certain is that Percy Jackson will enlist middle school-age kids, just like in the books.

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There still hasn't been an official announcement, but one young actor has stirred up rumors that he may have been cast in Percy Jackson. Suljic, best known for his breakout performance in Jonah Hill's Mid90s, posted a picture of some script pages on his Instagram story. Though some parts are mostly blurred out, names like "Percy" and "Grover" can be seen, indicating they are in fact for Percy Jackson. Whether these are legitimate scripts or merely audition slides isn't clear, but Suljic accompanied the picture with a winking emoji.

Suljic's post is far from confirmation that he's been cast; at the very least, he's auditioning for a part, most likely Percy's. Assuming Percy Jackson is still aiming to begin production this summer, it would make sense for some casting decisions to have been made. They still need to fit in various costume fittings and rehearsals, after all. Percy Jackson's casting search has gone on for several months now, and there's a good chance it has finally yielded some results. Suljic might very well be the show's lucky lead.

Still, until someone makes an official announcement, it's best to wait before assuming who will be wielding Percy's beloved ballpoint sword. Most likely, the news will come from Riordan himself, who has been dutifully keeping fans appraised of any and all developments regarding Percy Jackson. If Suljic is playing Percy or someone else, then fans will likely be thrilled to welcome him to the project. Hopefully, a definitive casting announcement will emerge soon.

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Source: Sunny Suljic/Instagram

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