Patrick Stewart Is Right: Professor X Shouldn't Trust Doctor Strange

Patrick Stewart's recent comment as to whether Professor X, who is confirmed to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, should trust Doctor Strange perfectly describes what the relationship between the mutant and the sorcerer will be. After Doctor Strange 2's second trailer revealed that Patrick Stewart would once again play Professor Xavier, it seems that the actor is finally free to discuss his role in the film. Although Stewart has not said with all the words that he is in Doctor Strange 2, Professor X’s presence in Multiverse of Madness is one of the few certainties about the film amidst plenty of rumors.

Multiverse of Madness will mark the first appearance of a mutant in the MCU and promises to make up for WandaVision's Ralph Bohner moment. After Patrick Stewart said that Logan would be his last film as Professor Xavier, it seems that the possibility of interacting with other Marvel characters for the first time made the actor change his mind. One of those highly anticipated interactions is the one between Professor X and Doctor Strange.

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Patrick Stewart's comment makes sense from both the comics and MCU perspectives. While little is known about which version of Charles Xavier Stewart will be playing in Multiverse of Madness, there are only a handful of characters in the Marvel universe that could rival the leader of the X-Men — and Doctor Strange happens to be one of them. Professor X is usually the most powerful person in a room, but that scenario changes when it is Doctor Strange who’s in front of him. Given the mystical nature of Strange's powers, not even Xavier's Omega-level telepathy could guarantee that the former Sorcerer Supreme could be placed under his control. That helps explain why Charles Xavier has to distrust Doctor Strange no matter how good the hero's intentions appear to be.

That dynamic becomes even more interesting considering that Professor Xavier in Multiverse of Madness will be part of what appears to be the MCU's version of the Illuminati. The group responsible for arresting Strange in the trailer seems to know as much or even more about the Multiverse than the Avenger, meaning that Professor Xavier might have the upper hand in this case. Both Xavier and the rest of the Illuminati must already be familiar with at least a variant of Doctor Strange and therefore must also know how vast the sorcerer’s powers are. The trailer for Doctor Strange 2 also indicates that the hero will be responsible for something going wrong with the Multiverse, which is another reason for Professor Xavier to be on the alert.

Charles Xavier has seen his share of super-powered people bring trouble to the world due to reckless use of their powers in both the comics and the FOX movies. Although Xavier himself is not a person above mistakes, the leader of the X-Men has made it his life's mission to help those who would like to have a better understanding of their powers and fight those who chose to use theirs for evil. It’s that exact distinction that Professor X will have to make regarding Strange.

Patrick Stewart is right to say that Xavier shouldn't trust Doctor Strange. After years of guesswork and fan theories, a meeting between an Avenger and an X-Men will finally take place. Whether or not Doctor Strange will earn Xavier's trust is something audiences will discover when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters.

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