Naruto's Uzumaki Clan Unites For the First Time in Heartwarming Fanart

Despite being a series about clan and kin, Naruto's titular hero rarely gets to spend any time with his. This is sadly because most of the Uzumaki clan is dead, have become villains, or they just aren't aware of their heritage. This is one way Naruto bonds with his rival, Sasuke, whose entire clan was murdered in one night. Other clans, such as the Hyuga or Aburame, have a strong presence in the Hidden Leaf Village, something that Naruto never got to experience. Luckily, a new fanart found online unites the known members of the Uzumaki clan, allowing Naruto to feel familial love for the first time.

The idea of clans in Naruto helps make the ninja world feel alive outside of the main cast of characters. Many supporting characters hail from major clans in the Hidden Leaf, and sometimes the spotlight is put on minor or one-off characters to flesh out these clans. Up until Boruto, only five members of the Uzumaki clan were revealed.

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A fanart found on Instagram by user riinohara depicts the Uzumaki standing side by side in a crescent moon formation. From left to right, the artist shows Kushina, Naruto, Mito, Karin, and Nagato, all followed by the surname Uzumaki. Each member's posture is based off of a signature pose from the manga. The iconic Adamantine Sealing Chains originate from Mito and envelop the family, perhaps in an attempt to keep the family bound together and prevent the tragedy that befalls them in the series.

The only thing this fanart is missing is Kurama. "Why?" one might think. Kurama is one of the big reasons for the tragedy that plagues the Uzumaki, although it's not directly his fault. Three of the Uzumaki pictured have been a direct line of Jinchuriki for the nine-tailed fox, and Nagato's endgame involved gathering all of the tailed beasts. Given that Mito's love and compassion countered Kurama's hatred, and Naruto finally mellowed him out, it's only fair that Kurama would be considered part of the family.

Seeing the Uzumaki clan together like this surely is heartwarming, and those who see it are bound to think about what could have been if the shinobi world wasn't so ruthless and unforgiving. This is a common theme in Naruto and can also be witnessed in the case of Jiraiya and Tsunade. Naruto might not have been able to share in the familial bonds that other clans have, but at least this fanart gives a glimpse of what that might have looked like. Fortunately, the Uzumaki clan is finally growing bigger and stronger in Naruto's sequel series, Boruto.

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