Michael C. Hall Reacts to Dexter’s Most Shocking Moments

Michael C. Hall, who plays the titular role in Showtime's hit series Dexter, remembers some of the show's most shocking moments. Dexter season 1 aired in 2006 on the premium cable network and aired the series-ending season 8 finale in 2013. Hall led a robust cast of detectives who worked in Miami Metro's homicide department, where he worked as a blood splatter analyst. By day, Dexter's job was to investigate the unique patterns of blood spill at crime scenes to determine the exact cause of death in some of Miami's most gruesome murders. By night, however, he moonlit as a serial killer himself, disposing of criminals whom he deemed worthy of death. He routinely referred to the murderous side of his personality as his "dark passenger."

Throughout the show's run, he had been known to get into many a dicey predicament. The juxtaposition of Dexter working for detectives while leading a secret life as a deadly killer routinely raised the stakes and left the audience wondering when, if ever, his secret would be discovered. Each season saw the emergence of a new villain for Dexter to hunt down and fight to the death. With the conflict inevitably always turning personal, his own wife and step-children would often become targets. In an effort to protect those he loved, Dexter would have to come up with clever ways to execute his deadly pursuers.

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After a widely panned series finale, Dexter earned a second chance at life with 2021's limited sequel series Dexter: New Blood. In the lead up to the premier, Hall spoke in an exclusive video interview with Absolute Radio, where he reminisced on some of Dexter's most inventive kills from the original series. In the interview, Hall specifically enjoys revisiting an interaction in which Dexter antagonizes his work nemesis, Sergeant Doakes, played by Erik King, with a headbutt. Watch the video below:

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Dexter's wife Rita, played by Julie Benz, and homicide captain Maria LaGuerta, played by Luna Lauren Velez, are just a couple of other notorious deaths from the original series, albeit not at the hands of Dexter. Perhaps the most divisive death came in the original series finale, when Dexter's foul-mouthed detective sister Deb, played by Jennifer Carpenter, met her demise. The ending of season 8 was highly controversial and widely disparaged by fans and critics alike. While many expected Dexter to get his due for his morally ambiguous actions, the ending felt woefully dissatisfying, as he evaded all culpability by escaping into the woods to become a lumberjack.

Taking place 10 years in the future and seeing the return of his now-teenage son Harrison, Dexter: New Blood revived fans' hopes of seeing a more valiant return of their favorite anti-hero. However, with the 10-episode run having ended in January, the new series finale was almost as disappointing as the original for many. With Dexter's main character meeting a decidedly very final end, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for the series.

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Source: Absolute Radio

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