Iron Man's Temporal Armor Nearly Killed All The Avengers At Once

It's definitely a trope at this point for Iron Man's armor to fall into the wrong hands; however, in one Marvel Comics story, his Temporal Armor almost led to the Avengers being erased from existence. In Iron Man: Kiss and Kill #1, Iron Man's armor he created alongside Doctor Doom trapped Tony Stark as he was sent back in time. Ultimately, Black Widow was forced to save the day and redirect an explosion at the last second. In the process, she saved Iron Man from being forced to kill his closest allies and himself.

In Iron Man: Kiss and Kill #1 by Joe Ahearne, Brian Ching, Michael Atiyeh, and Dave Sharpe, the story centers around the Russians stealing Iron Man's Temporal Armor. Tony Stark teams up with Black Widow to gain more information about his armor's whereabouts and goes undercover as he modifies his appearance to stay disguised. However, the villain Sunset Bain quickly uncovers him, captures Tony, and reveals her plans to use his brainwaves to activate the armor and destroy the Avengers for good. How is that even possible? Through time travel, of course.

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With Iron Man's Temporal Armor is only useable through Tony Stark's brainwaves, Sunset Bain uses Controller technology to take control and turn the hero into a weapon. As Black Widow infiltrates the Russian base,  Stark reveals he made the armor alongside Doctor Doom. Natasha Romanoff grabs onto the Iron Man armor as it's shot into the sky; a temporal portal opens up (via Doom's magical upgrade), and Bain's target is revealed: the original Avengers Mansion.

Bain makes Iron Man's Temporal Armor a missile designed to destroy Avengers Mansion to kill the Avengers during their earlier adventures. The plan is almost successful, but Black Widow gives Tony a heart attack pill at the last second (courtesy of the Red Room), as he swallows it and breaks the neural connection controlling his suit. Then, Black Widow steers the armor out of the way of the old-school Avengers as another temporal portal opens and sends them back to the present. Black Widow proceeds to save Tony by shocking him and stopping his heart from dying.

In the end, Iron Man's decision to build a suit alongside Doctor Doom, allowing it to fall into the wrong hands, and then having it be used to kill the Avengers doesn't make for his finest hour. Stark nearly killed himself in the process in the present and past. However, thanks to Black Widow, Iron Man's Temporal Armor never killed the Avengers or erased them from existence as it ultimately made its way back into the hands of Tony Stark. It was a close one, but thankfully, the heroes prevailed.

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