Harley Quinn Finds Her Musical Calling in Avril Lavigne-Inspired Fan Art

The iconic Harley Quinn from DC Comics may have found her musical calling in an amazing piece of fan art based around Avril Lavigne's new album, Love Sux. Ever since Harley left the Joker, her independence has spurred inspiration among the artistic community to give her looks and designs to separate her from her former toxic relationship. What people have come up with are some of the coolest looks for the popular DC Comics character, giving Harley an identity that has pushed her further and further away from the Joker. Now, perhaps the coolest fan art to date is here, and it features a crossover that is absolutely perfect.

Earlier this year, Avril Lavigne came out with her newest album Love Sux. With music focusing on different aspects of the harsh side of love, it's become one of the most acclaimed albums of the year with critics considering it one of her best to date. What's most appealing about the album itself is its eye-catching visuals for the cover. With Lavigne in a black outfit sitting among a red backdrop and holding black balloons, it captures the tone of her music for this collection and paints a picture for what the listener will come to expect. The interesting thing is though that this album also matches a certain comic character's aesthetic perfectly, and artist Meooxie Arts took advantage of it in a gorgeous display on Twitter.

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The fan art itself by Meooxie Arts shows Harley Quinn in the exact same position as Lavigne, sitting with her legs sprawled out while holding a pair of black balloons. The biggest difference between the two is their outfits as Harley wears her signature red-and-black attire with her hair done in pigtails, held by red and black bows. It may seem like it's just putting Harley in Lavigne's shoes, but when you look at the basic design of the backdrop, it's impossible not to think of Harley herself. The use of reds and blacks matches the character perfectly. It feels like she's at home in this album redesign.

Plus, it goes even further when the viewer takes the actual music into account. When listening to the songs from Love Sux, it's incredible to hear the lyrics and not think of Harley Quinn. The opening song, "Cannonball," feels chaotic and out for vengeance against the person that did Lavigne wrong. It sounds like something the current incarnation of Harley Quinn in the comics and the animated HBOMax series would listen to for hyping herself up before going after the Joker. Then the song "Déjà vu" sounds like something she'd say to his face when he tries to get her to come back. It's amazing how much the music of this album connects with the character, and it just makes the crossover between her and Lavigne in this fan art even more incredible.

This just shows that the fan artist for this piece of Harley art, Meooxie Arts, is well aware of who she is and drew these connections when they decided to create it. In fact, they even mention in their tweet "Couldn't resist myself." The similarities must have stuck out to them so much that it created a sharp moment of inspiration, and now this amazing piece is out there for everyone to see. This is a piece that needs to be appreciated more because it makes Harley Quinn into a musical icon with inspiration from a great Avril Lavigne album.

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Source: Twitter/Meooxie Arts

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