Genshin Impact: Why Crowning Has Diminishing Returns

Since Version 1.1 of Genshin Impact, the Crown of Insight is one of the rarest and most expensive items to use in the game, but it also isn't worth it. Currently, a total of 18 Crowns of Insight have been obtainable since the game's launch and it is up to the player to decide how they want to use them. However, many players have thought twice before using a Crown of Insight due to the amount of time and Resin that goes into using one.

The Crown of Insight in Genshin Impact is a level-up item that is necessary to level a single Combat Talent from nine to 10, essentially being necessary to fully maximize what that Talent does. This doesn't just mean maximizing damage output, but can also mean making a shield stronger or increasing the amount of incoming healing, depending on the character. Despite this, Crowns of Insight are extremely limited and this forces players to choose which character Talents are worth the amount of farming that goes into them.

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Crowns of Insight are only obtainable through a limited amount of methods, most notably being events. Currently, only six Crowns are available through permanent methods (the Frostbearing Tree's Gratitude and the Sacred Sakura's Favor) while 11 were only obtainable through limited-time events, and one is currently available through Genshin Impact's Tree Realms Gateway Offering. This makes the Crown of Insight one of the rarest items in Genshin Impact. Talents are also some of the most expensive parts of character ascension, and with the limited release of each Crown of Insight, it makes more sense to save them than to use them.

For many players, deciding what Talents to prioritize is difficult due to the amount of utility in so many Elemental Skills and Bursts in Genshin Impact, as well as how many resources they require. In order to level Talents, players need to farm for two separate enemy materials, weekly boss materials, Talent books that are exclusive to Genshin Impact Domains that only drop certain books depending on the day, and a nearly Jeff Bezos amount of Mora. The amount to level a single Talent from nine to 10 is 700,000 Mora, and as players level up each Talent as they play, the cost of materials and Mora steadily increases leading the total cost to level and crown all three Talents on a single character to be 4.9 million Mora.

With the number of resources necessary to level Talents in the game, players are forced to spend hundreds of Resin on Domains and Bosses despite players continuing to ask for a new update or change to Genshin Impact's Resin. With the cost of Talents being so high, it would seem like there is a greater gain from crowning a Talent, like a huge boost from level 9 to 10. However, the difference between levels 9 and 10 is minimal. Most Talents only increase in damage by a small percentage, less than 10%, with each level up and crowning a Talent doesn't offer any large increase in utility.

Despite its cost, crowning can still be special to players. Fans of Genshin Impact celebrate the characters all the time through their art, social media, and in the game itself. While crowning seemingly has little to offer gameplay-wise, it can be a sentimental act for fans of certain Genshin Impact characters. Because of how rare Crowns of Insight are and how much dedication is required to farm for the materials, crowning is now widely regarded as the ultimate dedication to the character. Many fans will triple crown all three Talents, not to maximize their damage or utility, but simply because they love the character.

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New players will have a much more difficult time crowning their characters as Genshin Impact continues to roll out new weekly bosses and materials all to be used towards future character ascensions. However, fans will still have access to future events that will have a Crown of Insight offered as a reward, as well as new regions that have permanent methods of gaining crowns. With leaks of the Chasm coming in Genshin Impact's 2.6 update coming out, there may be another landmark similar to the Sacred Sakura and the Frostbearing Tree that will have at least one Crown of Insight to offer players. Until then, players of Genshin Impact will have to focus on the current methods of gaining crowns.

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