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With only 2 seasons under the belt, Euphoria has become one of the top teen dramas to watch out for. From its much-talked-about controversial storylines to its one-of-a-kind characters, the show easily stands out from the rest. Though Euphoria has received much praise from fans, one can't forget the shows that paved the way for the series, most notably Degrassi.

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Degrassi was one of the first teen dramas that delved into deep issues like sexuality and race. The series also had many iconic characters that have been compared to characters on Euphoria whether it was because of their storylines or personality traits. But which Euphoria characters bear the most resemblance?

Rue is a sarcastic 17-year-old who battles drug addiction. She is the type of teen who lives life to the beat of her drum and can sometimes not think about the people that care for her the most. She also loves hard as proof when she began her relationship with Jules.

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Except for having a drug addiction Alex and Rue share similar characteristics. Alex can sometimes be very sarcastic when it comes to interacting with people in her social circle. She also doesn't take life too seriously, nor does she care what people think as opposed to her then-girlfriend Paige, who tries to do everything by the book.

Jules is a free spirit who loves hard and wants nothing but the best for her girlfriend Rue, as she tries to help her maintain her sobriety. During season 2 Jules started to show fans a different side to her that many do not like, most noticeably when she cheats on Rue with Elliot. This was a prime moment when many viewers started to hate Jules.

Just like Jules, Jane was likable during the first couple of seasons after she made her debut. She is the new girl at school, friendly, and not afraid to be different by playing on the boy's football team. But that would all change soon because during season 9 she cheats on Spinner with Declan. After that, there was no coming back. She also never gets her happy ending with Spencer after he chooses Emma Nelson over her.

Cassie shows her true colors during season 2 when she decides to hook up with her best friend's ex-boyfriend, even though she knows Maddie still has feelings for Nate. Not only that, but viewers start to see Cassie as someone who becomes desperate for the attention of Nate, as well as turns into somewhat of a mean girl. Towards the end of the season, she storms the stage of her sister's play and calls her out in front of everyone.

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Marisol and Cassie are similar because like Cassie, Marisol is somewhat of a mean girl when she doesn't get her way. For example, when she becomes jealous that Katie is dating Drew and tells the entire school that Katie suffered from bulimia. There is also the time when Marisol hooks up with K.C. knowing he is in a relationship with Jenna.

Nate is the bad boy of the series with a lot of mental scars. During season 1 Nate does some terrible things including creating a fake identity named Tyler and tricking Jules into sending sexual photos of herself. He then threatens to go to the police with her pictures which would make her a registered sex offender. On top of that, Nate comes from a broken family, most notably because of his father, who he discovers sleeps with underage women.

Pater and Nate share many of the same traits, especially during Peter's first season on Degrassi. Like Nate, Peter comes from a broken home as well. His parents are divorced, so he acts out at school. One prime example is when he takes advantage of an intoxicated Manny by filming her while she's topless and then sends the clip to the entire school.

Fez is a high school dropout who also deals drugs, but beneath all of that, he has a big heart and looks out for the people he loves like Ashtray and Rue. There have been multiple times where he stuck up for Rue, for example when Fezco confronted Nate after Rue complained to him about his violence.

Spinner may not sell drugs like Fez, but during the later seasons of Degrassi, he strays away from his bullying antics and becomes more of a protector towards the younger teens of Degrassi. He is also the one that stands up to the Lakehurst students when they are talking badly about the recently deceased J.T.

Kat started as the girl who wanted to change her reputation, so she changes everything about herself. Kat incorporates a brand new style by stepping up her fashion game but also puts her morals into question. After a video leaks of her being intimate with someone else, she decides to take it a step further and starts recording herself on an adult website.

Manny and Kat are almost identical when it comes to their personalities. Manny starts as the sweet girl next door but completely changes her image once she starts high school. She starts to dress more provocatively and becomes part of the popular crowd. Like Kat, there was also a time when a video was leaked of Manny topless that her entire school saw.

Elliot is introduced as the mysterious teen who befriends Rue and started doing drugs with her. Not much is known about Elliot, but viewers soon discover during the season finale that he can play the guitar and can also sing.

Like Elliot, Craig is also a musician at heart, but not only that, Ashley is the first person he befriends when he starts Degrassi, the only difference there is they start dating. Craig also finds himself in a bad situation when he becomes addicted to cocaine.

Maddy is the queen bee of her school and spews nothing but confidence. She's the type of woman who tells it like it is and is never afraid to put someone in their place. She pretty much sets the beat to her drum.

Many fans have come together to proclaim that Manny paved the way for Maddy, and while they may share some similarities, Bianca and Maddy have almost the same personality. Bianca is full of confidence and could care less if the other girls at her school don't like her. Both Maddy and Bianca are also attracted to the same type of men because they both date the alpha males of their schools.

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