Euphoria: 9 Biggest Issues With Jules's Character Arc In Season 2

Jules is one of the most important main characters in Euphoria, however, she had little to no development in season 2. Sure, she got to finally experience a relationship with Rue and learn how to deal with being in love with an addict, but she didn't change much by the end.

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Jules used to be Rue's number one person in the world, but it seems that her attraction to her coincided with Jules' lack of screen time. All this being said, there are some big problems when it comes to her arc this season that need to be addressed.

Jules and Kat became friends during summer school and she was her first friend after moving. They bonded over boys, fashion, and their own feelings towards body positivity and expression, but none of this was present in season 2.

While they did have a short heart-to-heart in the first episode, it would have helped show how Jules feels about her relationship with Rue if she confided in Kat. Sadly, both of these characters lacked the same amount of detail and attention they received in season 1 and Sam Levinson did nothing with them.

Jules has never really seemed like someone who would easily get jealous. She even tells Rue about a girl that she hooked up with while in New York in season 1.

Her worry over Elliot and Rue having a fling is completely unfounded especially since Rue hasn't shown any interest in having sex with men at all even though she lost her virginity to one. This also comes off as super hypocritical when she starts hooking up with him behind Rue's back.

At one point in season 2, Jules and Elliot decide to steal alcohol from a liquor store, which is pretty uncharacteristic of Jules. Yes, she does make some spontaneous decisions that aren't always ethically sound, but this was a bit of a stretch especially since she's with Rue, a recovering addict.

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Her character arc doesn't benefit from this scene because it doesn't fit her previous motivations and it doesn't show that she's trying to invest herself in making Rue better. This event is a huge turn for her character that doesn't make complete sense, but it's played off as if it's what she likes to do.

Jules and her dad showed how close they were in season 1 especially when Jules said that they had dinner together every night. Even in the Jules special episode, she and her dad shared some lovely, emotionally raw moments together that showed how much they've been through.

However, Jules's character arc didn't have any advancement or change in terms of her relationship with her dad. He is obviously a big part of her life and it's strange that he's barely even mentioned in this season. It's a shame considering he could have given her some good advice with Rue.

Jules gave Rue an ultimatum where she had to choose between a relationship with her and drugs. However, for some reason, she doesn't offer the same deal to Elliot who she clearly cares about and respects. She should want his betterment just as much as she would want Rue's.

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Even when he told her he was using and also giving drugs to Rue she didn't seem to get upset with him. She got mad at Rue and decided to hook up with him. In terms of character development, this just didn't seem to fit how she's trying to change herself to be a better person in her relationship.

Jules has spent a lot of time with Rue in some of the most emotional scenes in the show, and she knew what it was like being with her while she was sober. It's difficult to understand how she couldn't see that Rue's moodiness or lack of interest in their relationship was drug related.

It has been shown in the past that she's chosen herself over the interests of others, but at the start of the season, she chose to be with Rue above all else. It just doesn't fit in with her character arc for her to not notice without Elliot telling her point-blank.

As most fans know, Nate and Jules were supposed to have the tumultuous relationship that he and Cassie did this past season, but it was changed due to differences between the actors. However, her coldness towards him felt a bit off. She obviously felt betrayed by him before, but Jules likes being liked and Nate shows in that particular scene that he wants to protect her.

It would have made more sense if this moment bonded them together in some strange way. They connected online and that connection hasn't necessarily gone away. There should have been more tension between them rather than indifference.

This issue could have easily been solved if it was added in when Rue had her breakdown in episode 5 and told Jules off. The fact that she doesn't find out by the last episode is a little disappointing considering it shows Rue that Jules is just as uncertain as she is about their relationship.

Also, the fact that Jules is never shown feeling guilty about cheating is out of character and would have helped her arc. She would have been driven to gain redemption rather than focusing on Rue's problems that she doesn't like. It's one of the many unresolved storylines from season 2 that was left unanswered.

This was one of the smallest, yet least characteristic moments for Jules in this season and it's partially because it just doesn't make sense. She hands the drink to Rue and gets upset at her for opening it because she can't see outside of her own wants and needs.

Her character arc just became more muddled by this scene because it appeared as if she was trying to be a good force for Rue's sobriety, but her need for fun and attention sabotaged it. The relationship and development she was supposed to have just didn't pay off.

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