Encanto: What The Other Family Member's Bedrooms Might Look Like, According To Reddit

In Disney's Encanto the members of the Madrigal family each receive a magic gift on their 5th birthday. Along with these gifts, the individual receives their own magical bedroom that is specifically designed to match up with their gift. In the film, only Isabela, Antonio, and Bruno's rooms are shown, with Isabela's room being covered in flowers, Antonio's room a jungle full of colorful animals, and Bruno's room a mysterious cave of sand.

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After watching, several fans started to speculate about what the rooms of the other family members might look like. There are quite a few possibilities that could match the gifts or personalities of the remaining family members, but Redditors are up to the challenge with their own ideas about what these bedrooms-of-dreams look like.

Abuela has no specific gift, but she is shown on her door holding the candle, making her main role the keeper of the miracle itself. Her room is briefly shown for a moment when she is seen sitting in sadness over the loss of her husband with her babies before lifting herself from the ground and carrying on in an attempt to serve her family and community. However, some fans have a theory about Abuela's room.

Redditor bluemoonAlice noticed that Abuela's room within Casita looked like the room "she was living with her husband in their village" before they had to flee their home. This would make a lot of sense for her character, as she felt great remorse at both the loss of her home and her husband. Despite Abuela being Encanto's most unpopular character, Casita giving her back a small piece of the life she had lost would be a touching sentiment.

Julieta is maternal and nurturing and has the ability to create meals with healing properties. This fits her personality as she always seems to be the one who is trying to fix the people around her. She seems the most hurt at the beginning of the film about the supposed loss of her brother Bruno and very clearly fears that Abuela will also push Mirabel away, which means that it would go against Julieta's clear personality not to feature her nurturing nature in her room.

Redditor AffectionateHumor300 believes "it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to have a kitchen in her bedroom," since there is already a kitchen she uses in the home. Instead, they believe that a room containing vegetable and spice gardens, a library full of recipes and gardening books, and a variety of cool cooking tools would perfectly fit Julieta and her gift. The room would probably be a cozy and relaxing space that she and Agustin would fit in perfectly.

A small glimpse of Pepa's room is shown as Camilo tries to soothe his mother after the events of the disastrous proposal dinner. It appears to be a fairly normal room, with some whether themed decorations. But fans have assumed that this is only part of the room and that it has a more magical portion like Antonio's.

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Redditor Odd-Bathroom-9618 guesses that in addition to the more traditional bedroom, Pepa has areas with "clouds everywhere" that could be slept on and an environment like a rainforest where she can let the rain flow without worry. In addition to this, it would be useful if the items in Pepas room could not get wet, therefore being protected from her frequent storms.

Dolores has the gift of super hearing, which proves itself to be a bit of a nuisance for her. Being able to hear anything and everything may not be all that it is chalked up to be, and Dolores is frequently covering her ears or suffering under the pressure of the secrets she has been burdened with.

However, her room may be a safe haven for her overly stressed ears. Redditor AffectionateHumor300 believes that Dolores's room would be full of "comforting noises like rain, thundering/lightning, etc." that could potentially drown out unwanted sounds. While audiences know that she can hear things like Luisa's eye twitch from her room, it is still realistic that her room has the ability to block things out when she wants it to.

Camilo has the ability to shapeshift into anyone he desires and often uses that gift in a playful manner, intent on making the people around him laugh. While it is unclear whether Camilo needs to have met the person before in order to shift into them, he seems to have very few limits to his ability.

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Redditor Pretend_Reality_22652 feels that it would be fitting if Camilo had a "room that can change and shapeshift to whatever he wants." This way, Camilo could not only change his own appearance but effortlessly change the appearance of the scenery in his room using his powers. He could make it a sunny field, a soccer stadium, or anything else his adaptable heart desires.

Luisa has the gift of super strength and often ends up carrying the pressure of the entire family. While she is a very gentle-hearted person, she measures her own worth by her ability to help others, which is an endearing quality that melted Encanto audiences' hearts. This quality causes her to work out incessantly, despite her strength being magically acquired.

This leads user Respinsible_ad_3906 to think that her room would probably appear extremely rigid and be full of "gym equipment" and different ways for Luisa to measure her own strength. However, in addition to this, they believe that her room would also have a "tiny secret room for relaxation." She may not use it often leading up to the events of the movie, but it can be hoped that it is used more after.

Mirabel, the most likable Encanto character, is the only Madrigal not to receive a gift. It is unclear whether she receives one after the magic is returned to Casita, but Redditors collectively agreed that she would finally have her own personalized bedroom in the house, as the end scene shows a great number of additional bedroom doors.

Redditor Midnitebrz didn't have a gift to associate Mirabel's room with but felt that based on her personality the bedroom would have craft supplies, "sewing stuff in her room since she likes to sew," and maybe a lot of butterflies. It is possible that the room would reflect something like the scene shared between Mirabel and Abuela at the river, always reminding her of the magic and the worth that she has defined for her family.

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