Dune HBO Max Spinoff Show Update Given By Movie's Screenwriter

Dune movie writer Jon Spaihts offers a status update on HBO Max’s planned prequel series focused on the Bene Gesserit sisterhood. The 2021 arrival of Denis Villeneuve’s epic take on Frank Herbert’s iconic science-fiction novel not only brought joy to Dune fans the world over, it also ushered in a whole new unexpected era of Dune-related content.

The biggest news of course is that Villeneuve gets to complete his sprawling two-part Dune movie as Warner Bros. has officially put Dune 2 into production with 2023 targeted as a release date. Two Dune movies might not be enough for Villeneuve however as he’s been mulling making it a trilogy by also adapting Herbert’s sequel book Dune Messiah. And then there’s the all-important streaming side of things, where HBO Max has been reported to be developing Dune: The Sisterhood, a prequel series focused on Lady Jessica’s mysterious and ancient blood-line-manipulating all-female order.

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Obviously a lot of projects like these go into development at a lot of places and never actually make it to the finish line. But in the case of Dune: The Sisterhood at least it seems things are still going forward for the time being. Speaking to The Playlist about all things Dune, screenwriter Spaihts offered an update on HBO Max’s prequel show that should come as good news to fans of Herbert’s far-future universe:

Oh, that is carrying on and I’m not allowed to talk about it very much. But that effort is alive and well. I ended up getting moved off of it to work, not just on “Dune: Part Two,” but to investigate other cinematic prospects in the “Dune” universe, which we are still talking about and which, again, I’m not allowed to say very much about. But it is a very rich world in which to play, and I think it is ripe with opportunities for storytelling in every direction.

When queried further about Dune: The Sisterhood Spaihts indicated the show is actually past early development, saying “They’re well down the road, but I honestly don’t know the details of the timing.” “Well down the road” is certainly a vague enough characterization that it would be imprudent to make any guesses about how soon fans might see footage or hear about a release date. But it’s nevertheless encouraging to hear that Dune: The Sisterhood is not only moving forward but has indeed gotten to a stage where it seems more and more likely it will one day arrive.

The Bene Gesserit sisterhood of course has a rich history in the Dune universe beyond the glimpses of it afforded in Villeneuve’s movie via the characters of Lady Jessica and Gaius Helen Mohiam. Indeed the sisterhood has far-reaching power in that universe, using their political skills to manipulate the great houses while employing more mystical powers like the Voice to literally gain control over individuals. Of course in Dune the movie it’s also revealed that Lady Jessica has defied the sisterhood by bearing a son in Paul, potentially threatening the sect's over-arching efforts to manipulate genetic lines and bring about the messianic Kwisatz Haderach. It’s certain that all these weird aspects of the Bene Gesserit story will be explored in deep detail by Dune: The Sisterhood as it expands the Dune universe beyond the already epic confines of Villeneuve’s films.

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