Centaurworld: The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

Netflix's second season of the animated musical series Centaurworld reached its thrilling conclusion on December 7th, 2021, less than a year after the series premiere. It is not often that a show can leave such an impression and have a satisfactory ending in six months of run time, but the catchy music and lovable cast of Centaurworld did just that.

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In a show with such a dynamic series of characters, it takes something special to make them stand apart. For the most likable characters, their usefulness to the herd and how inclined the audience is to like them, based on their personalities, are the key factors.

10 Durpleton

The very first centaur that Horse ever encountered, Durpleton's defining trait is his role as the naive yet kind member of Wammawink's very flawed herd. His most notable song, "Where Does Food Come From," exemplifies his reliance on Wammawink and the herd.

The giraffetaur's arc with his adopted son Stabby was a highlight for the character, but Durpleton's childlike personality made it difficult to grow attached to him. Not only could his simple demeanor detract from his likability as a character, but he struggled to ever help the herd in important situations. Additionally, his most iconic spell is talking farts, which is both not very useful and quite off-putting.

9 Ched

The only bird centaur among the main group, Ched's childhood dream of becoming a tulip stepper quickly turned sour. His view of horse centaurs forever tarnished by the experience, Ched's interaction with Horse began with complete hatred on Ched's end of the relationship.

Despite his development later on and his acceptance of Horse by the end of the series, audience members may find it difficult to accept Ched's cynicism and blind hatred of the protagonist. While some animated pairs like Katara and Zuko do enemies-to-friends beautifully, Ched and Horse never quite had a moment that made up for Ched's horrible treatment of her throughout the series; he merely halfheartedly apologized. Ched's main source of likability comes from his comedy. His gimmick magic, handsome for eight seconds, and his failed attempt to fly around the world at rapid speeds to reverse time were both highlights of season one.

8 Stabby

Most shows would not turn a random nameless defeated member of the opposing army into a main character in the next season, but Centaurworld is not most shows. A snake minotaur and former servant of the nowhere king that Rider stabbed in the back, Stabby was quick to be named and adopted by Durpleton.

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Stabby and Durpleton's odd relationship and parodies of emotional songs from the first season initially made it difficult for some fans to get invested. However, Stabby's addition to the team was a welcome one, and he eventually outshined his adopted father both against the other minotaurs and in songs. However, Stabby does not quite reach the level of importance or usefulness that other members of Wammawink's herd displayed.

7 Glendale

The shrill-voiced gerenuktaur was an early member of Wammawink's herd and the master of the portal tummy spell. Her obsession with shiny objects and stealing dominated most of her time on screen.

Some animated series like The Simpsons run long enough to develop every major character. In a show that only lasted two seasons, though, even members of the main cast will be left behind. Glendale is one such character. Her main arc revolved around her love to steal, and not a great deal about her changed by the end. To her credit, Glendale often used that quirk along with her portal stomach to the herd's advantage. Most notably, Glendale was able to help save Horse at the end of season 1 when she stole the key from the mysterious woman.

6 Zulius

The slightly self-absorbed zebrataur with a heart of gold, Zulius's competitive relationship with hinted ex-partner Splendib is one of the great sources of comedy in Centaurworld. Their duet, "I Don't Know Him," is one of the most beloved songs in the entire series.

Zulius is also the only member of the herd outside of Wammawink and Horse that displays genuine leadership tendencies. His time as Horse's manager in Johnny Teatime's Be Best Competition and as the stage manager for the reenactment of the season 1 finale were both brilliant moments for the character.  Zulius is also the main reason that Horse and friends were able to get the birdtaurs to help deal with the Nowhere King.

5 Waterbaby

Wammawink's mentor and the first shaman the herd ever encounters, Waterbaby is the only reason that Horse and company ever make it to the bridge between worlds in the first place. The hippotaur is likely also the most powerful living centaur and the main force protecting the herd from the Nowhere King in the season 1 finale.

Were it not for Waterbaby's role as the eleventh-hour ranger who only comes to save the day in critical moments, she would likely be an even more likable character. Her lack of screentime and position as the only non-constant member of the herd are the only things keeping down a character as powerful and enjoyable to watch as Waterbaby. In many ways, Waterbaby was only a few good scenes away from fulfilling the same niche as Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen or All Might from My Hero Academia.

4 Comfortable Doug

Beginning the series as a supporting character from the moletaur jail, Comfortable Doug quickly found his role as an ally of the herd and as the hero of his own story. Doug's crowning moment comes in the season 1 finale, where he sings arguably the greatest ballad in the series: "The Hero of My Story (Comfortable Doug)."

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While Comfortable Doug did not really contribute to helping the herd during the first season, he was vital as he led the tiny clones of the centaurs against the Nowhere King's forces in the season 2 finale. While Doug was a fan favorite and a hilarious character, there were still even more lovable characters in the story that were more core members of the herd.

3 Rider

Horse's best friend and hero of the human world, Rider, successfully filled her role as secondary protagonist and the audience's window into the dangerous human world.

With more and more western animated series taking inspiration from anime, Rider brings the feeling of an anime protagonist mixed with the wild classic cartoon characters of Centaurworld. While Rider is a faraway concept for most of season 1, the second season's rider is a powerhouse adventurer that contributes to the field of battle and invades the Nowhere King's lair. Rider's relationship with Horse is the driving point behind the entire show, and every scene with Rider is a serious breath of fresh air that keeps the otherwise silly show grounded.

2 Horse

The protagonist of the series, Horse, is one of only two characters with direct ties to both the human world and Centaurworld. Her many parallels with the Nowhere King are a driving force behind the series finale and part of what makes her such a moving character.

Horse's backstory magic is among the most powerful of any centaur, and her usefulness to the herd is more than proven when she uses it to defeat the Nowhere King. However, it is the development Horse goes through to get to that point that truly makes her stand out as a character. Initially fearing magic and the effect it had on her, her fear of forgetting rider, and almost sacrificing herself to Whaletaur Shaman were just a few of the struggles that Horse went through on her incredible journey to become a shaman herself.

1 Wammawink

Horse's rival at the beginning of season 1, Wammawink quickly grows into Horse's mentor and best friend. Wammawink is also notably a former shaman in training and one of the most powerful and capable non-shamans in the series.

The loving adopted mother of the herd is the only reason anything gets done in the entire series. Without Wammawink's guidance, the herd is shown to be so dysfunctional that they are unable to make food or even use the restroom. Wammawink's ability as a leader allows her to unite all centaurs through the hootenanny, a feat that Horse and the other centaurs were unable to achieve. Despite the hate she gets from the birdtaurs early in season 2, the alpacataur is the mentor and friend that Horse needed more than anyone to save the two worlds.

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