Bachelor: Why Contestants Should Not Be Isolated From Family & Friends

Contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are isolated from their family and friends until their hometown dates and when they meet the lead's family, but that should change in future seasons. So far, there have been many contestants in the Bachelor franchise who have explained the warped sense of reality that the environment of the show creates. Without access to their families and friends, they do not have a sounding board of people who can bring them back down to Earth once the fantasy of the show begins to cloud their judgments. They need people to ground them as they embark on their journeys to find love.

Once contestants are cast on The Bachelor, they are not allowed to use their phones or have access to the internet, thus cutting contact with their loved ones. There have been a few exceptions made to this rule in instances when contestants have children at home. Widower Michael Allio, for instance, left the show to be with his 4-year-old son. Even though Michael might not have wanted to bring his son into the tumultuous environment of reality television, perhaps being able to see him on a regular basis during downtime might have helped him to stay on the show.

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After Clayton's disastrous season, fans of the show have been calling for changes. Now that Clayton has had some time to process what occurred and is in a happy relationship with Susie Evans, he admitted on the Here For The Right Reasons podcast that he no longer believes that he was in love with all three of his finalists. The fact that he believed this to be true at all was problematic because the show was clearly messing with his head.

When Clayton finally had the chance to meet with his parents and brothers and tell them that he was in love with all three women, they questioned his decisions with some tough love. Perhaps if Clayton had the opportunity to speak with his loved ones earlier, he would've been more grounded and not have had such a difficult experience. On Bachelor In Paradisesome of the contestants have been friends for years, so they help each other navigate the complicated path to finding love by offering advice, support, and distraction when things become too intense. This could be part of the reason why there are more successful relationships from this show than any other in the franchise.

Viewers have seen how meeting with loved ones before the end of the season has helped people gain clarity. When Tyler Cameron made an early appearance on Matt James' season, Matt was clearly able to confide in his best friend and hear his advice. Similarly, Michelle Young had the chance to touch base with her family when she brought Brandon Jones to her parents' house on an early date. There have been some other instances when this has happened, and each time, it has brought the leads of the show some clarity and served as a rest to help them reevaluate their feelings.

During Clayton's season, Sarah Hamrick's nightly "girl talk" sessions became a problem because women like Teddi Wright and Rachel Recchia viewed her descriptions of her relationship with Clayton as manipulative. If viewers wanted to give Sarah the benefit of the doubt, they might realize that perhaps she was just looking for someone to confide in about her new relationship and her only options were the other women vying for the same man. If she could have spoken to her family or friends, then the other women would not have felt as much competition from her.

In future seasons, contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette should be able to have contact with their family and friends on a regular basis. This is not a show like Big Brother where contact with the outside world could spoil a game that is being played in real-time. Even though it might be harder to keep spoilers under wraps, that might be a small price to pay to give the contestants some peace of mind and to help the lead of The Bachelor make better decisions.

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