90 Day Fiancé: Fans Not Fooled By Ella's Excuse For Cheating On Johnny

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Ella Johnson’s reason for cheating on Chinese boyfriend Johnny Chao hasn’t found any takers. The 29-year-old woman from Idaho started her 90 Day Fiancé journey with Johnny, 34, on Before The 90 Days season 5 after being in an online relationship with him for a year and a half. The couple’s plan of Johnny coming to the US didn’t see success, but as months went by, Ella began to wonder if her Asian prince was making excuses to not see her. With the waiting game still going on, Ella gave Johnny an open relationship warning - which he wasn’t a fan of. But before Johnny could even agree to Ella’s terms, she cheated on him with a friend and later claimed, “I feel really bad now.”

90 Day Fiancé fans expressed their frustration about Ella and Johnny’s scene in which she played the victim when it was she who’d betrayed him. In recent episodes, fans sympathized with Johnny, who, as the sole financial supporter of his family consisting of old parents and a little son, couldn’t risk letting go of his job or catching COVID-19 just to meet Ella. Alas, selfish Ella disregarded Johnny’s dilemma and claimed she was lonesome with her physical urges not getting fulfilled. Without realizing that she’d signed up to be in a long-distance relationship with Johnny, she claimed that her self-worth was tied to men’s attraction towards her and had slept with her friend in a moment of weakness.

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According to Ella, the friend she cheated on Johnny with was initially there to ease her worries and support her. But the session ended with Ella sleeping with the mystery man. Ella claimed that her being alone “for a year and a half” has been “hard” leading up to the “weak moment” she had. Basically, Ella ended up guilt-tripping Johnny into believing it was because of him not being able to “fulfill his promise” that she had to get physical with someone else. Ella claimed that she was “upset” about Johnny not coming and made him apologize. With that said, some fans saw through Ella’s seemingly crocodile tears. Fans discussed on Reddit asked, “So if he was here and working a long shift is she going to have s*x with someone else because she needs attention and he’s at work all the time?” Another viewer wondered, “If she was that desperate for physical touch, why doesn't she just date the dude she 'accidentally' had s*x with?

Fans happened to notice that Ella didn’t talk about her cheating until she got the confirmation from Johnny that he wasn’t coming to Dubai. They called out her excuse of not wanting to be single at 37 but questioned how mature her thoughts are as a 29-year-old. “Ella is a vile woman, instead of working on her personal issues she blames cheating on Johnny, who didn’t come to see her for VALID! Reasons, on her insecurities?!” wrote a Twitter user. Others called out Ella’s audacity to expect Johnny to quarantine for five weeks just to spend two weeks with her in Dubai when she was out cheating on him. Meanwhile, TLC viewers also recalled feeling uncomfortable during a scene from Ella’s introductory 90 Day Fiancé episode where she’s bragged about her collection of R-rated toys and how she and Johnny have a healthy relationship with their intimacy via video chats despite the distance.

It seems that Ella won’t be on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days according to the previews. Her Instagram suggests that Johnny hasn’t visited Ella in the US yet, further supported by the rising number of COVID-19 cases in China at the moment. In turn, Ella appears to have successfully made Johnny a scapegoat for her mistakes as they are still together. Ella spent the Chinese New Year with Johnny and his family, but whether or not they’re currently in an open relationship is unknown.

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