10 Unpopular Opinions About Killing Eve, According To Reddit

Killing Eve has been lauded as one of the best spy series to have aired on television, and it’s easy to see why. The fraught yet dynamic relationship between the titular Eve and the deadly assassin Villanelle makes for compelling viewing, particularly since both Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer deliver powerful performances in their respective roles. However, while the show has developed quite a devoted fandom, it also has some notable flaws.

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Hence, many of the users at Reddit have voiced what can be viewed as unpopular opinions about this very popular series.

Eve’s husband Niko is a unique character since he largely exists on the sidelines and, as the series goes on, becomes an obstruction to Eve, particularly in her relationship with Villanelle. One Redditor argues that “Niko doesn’t deserve the hate, and Eve didn’t deserve him.”

While this might be true from some points of view, the truth is that he really was an impediment to the show's development, so it makes sense that he was ultimately written out.

Killing Eve is full of great secondary characters, and Konstantin’s daughter Irina is arguably one of the best. She has a barbed tongue, and her dynamic with Villanelle is very amusing to watch.

Unfortunately, not all Reddit users agree, and flackovision comes right out and says: “She was annoying as hell in s3.” Though Irina might not be to everyone’s taste, the truth is that she injected a note of levity into what can otherwise be a very grim series.

Fiona Shaw's Carolyn is inarguably one of the most intelligent characters in Killing Eve. What’s more, Shaw imbues her with a steely grit that makes her a fascinating character in her own right.

Not every fan of the show agrees with this sentiment, however, as loopedtears makes clear. They argue that “Carolyn isn't all that complex, she just seems mean, and should have been kinder to Geraldine.” This flies in the face of how the show portrays Carolyn, however, and it’s made clear that part of the reason she is distant with her daughter is because she doesn’t truly understand her.

Given that the series focuses so much on relationships, it makes sense that from the beginning many saw the dynamic between Eve and VIllanelle as at least partially romantic. This reading isn’t one that many Reddit users agree with, however, and Allinnene argues, "It is layered and with an unapologetic sexual component, but 'romance' in the traditional crush/love interest sense, I think is a bit of a stretch…”

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Whatever this user may think, it’s very clear from the very beginning that there is at least a bit of a romance between these two characters, and they are clearly drawn to one another.

Both Carolyn and Konstantin are excellent characters in their own right, and their past history together is a key part of what makes them so much fun to watch.

While they help to add texture to the series, user NostalgicUna doesn’t find either of them interesting, writing, “i like their characters but i only find them interesting when they interact with either V and E.” However, it’s precisely their actions when they’re not engaging with either of the leads that helps to show how well-developed they are, and how important they are to the overall series.

Villanelle is arguably one of Jodie Comer’s best roles, and she helps to show the many hidden depths of this extraordinary character. While she has feelings, she has learned to hide them beneath her charismatic yet deadly exterior. This is especially true in the second season, and this rankled some fans.

NoAgeStatement argues, “all this angst and blubbering was SO out of character for Villanelle. It started to get on my nerves.” Alas, others would rightly point out that the second season allowed Villanelle to grow and change and develop, and having her show emotions was a key element of that.

The key element to a show’s success is its fandom, but this can often be a double-edged sword. This was very true of Killing Eve, which lost some of its most diehard supporters during the third season. Some users found this especially off-putting. One Redditor, in particular, writes, “if you’re not having fun watching it, then literally just stop watching it.”

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This is a fair point as far as it goes, but it is also true that part of being an active and engaged fan is being willing to criticize a show for its perceived mistakes and missteps.

Sandra Oh has played many great characters, but her turn as Eve is one of her best roles. However, Eve can be a bit of a challenge for viewers, especially as she seems intent on making her own messes.

Some viewers picked up on this, and resilianze says that “She’s selfish and usually uses people to satisfy her own means and desires.” However, while there is some validity to this criticism, it’s also true that Eve is a remarkably complex character, and it’s clear that she does have the ability to care deeply for others, most notably Bill.

There’s no question that the most powerful bond in the series is between Eve and Villanelle, and it’s clear that each sees something in the other an element that they can't find anywhere else. While this gives the show its narrative energy, it’s also a deeply troubled dynamic.

Beep9573Boop comes right out and says that “the relationship between V and E is super toxic.” To dismiss it as toxic, however, is to ignore the numerous complexities that the series gives the viewer, and it ultimately misses just how rich their relationship truly is.

With her great outfits, her ruthlessness, and her relentless charisma, there’s no question that Villanelle is a magnificent television character.

Unfortunately, she has her fair share of detractors, including _JJV4_, who comes right out and says, “I like villanelle but she is way to [sic] overrated.” While they might believe this to be true, the reality is that Villanelle is a complicated character, someone who is not quite as she appears and whose external behavior masks a very troubled (yet subtly rich) psychology.

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