10 Quotes That Prove Clint Barton & Kate Bishop Have The Best MCU Friendship

Although she might be one of the newest additions to the MCU, Kate Bishop has already made a positive impact on the fans. Whether it's because of her vibrant personality, her cheerful disposition, or because she is such a great fighter, viewers have thoroughly enjoyed watching the beginning of Kate's story and are hoping they will see more of her in the future.

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After watching their dynamic on Hawkeyemany people would also love it if the writers expanded on Kate's mentorship with Clint as well since the bond between them is quite refreshing and has the makings to be one of the best friendships in the MCU.

Although the events of Hawkeye take place over the course of a week (or so), it's quite interesting to see how quickly Clint and Kate trusted each other.

From the moment they met, the pair were naturally comfortable around one another. Not only did Kate feel safe confiding in Clint about her family and her father, but she also appeared to make Clint feel at ease too since he opened up to her his relationship with Natasha [as evidenced by the quote]. This trust also carried into their battles as well since Kate and Clint thoroughly believed the other would protect them if they were in danger.

Although the viewers don't know Kate as well as the other MCU characters, one thing they (and Clint) have come to admire is her kind and selfless heart. While she had only known Clint for a couple of days, it was quite touching that she refused to let him be alone at Christmas and was determined to uphold his family's Christmas traditions.

Fans could tell that this gesture meant a lot to Clint as well since he was missing family and was trying his best not to let them down. He might have insisted that he worked better alone, but with Kate promising that she would help him no matter what, the audience were beginning to see his walls beginning to fall.

When it comes to making friends, many people hope that they will end up meeting people who would provide them with unwavering support and encouragement. Up to now, Clint and Kate are already off to a great start in this aspect since they have always been there to pick each other up when they are at their lowest point.

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It's certainly been quite heartwarming to watch Kate help Clint embrace his hero status and realize that he isn't the bad person he believes himself to be. Since Natasha died at Voromir, he has been living with a lot of guilt, so watching Kate offer him words of encouragement and bring him back from 'the darkness' has been interesting to watch.

Kate and Clint's partnership on the battlefield has also developed well since they have made it clear to each other that they can be relied on.

Not only have viewers seen Clint try to convince the Tracksuits that Kate had nothing to do with Ronin, but Kate has also returned the favor by immediately coming to his aid when Maya and her men attacked him. While there's still room for improvement (since Kate's only just begun participating in real battles and has made a few mistakes), many fans are looking forward to seeing this trust grow and develop.

With her mother, Eleanor, not hiding her disdain about Kate's "extracurricular activities" and the archer herself already feeling like she isn't wasn't worthy of being a hero, Clint's arrival in Kate's life came at the right time.

Maybe it's because he has become the supportive parental figure she always needed, but it really meant a lot to her to hear that she was "one of the world's greatest archers." Clint had worked with some of the best SHIELD agents and marksmen in the world, so to get such praise from the Avenger shows that her efforts weren't in vain. It was exactly what she needed to boost her confidence and self-esteem.

Clint's protectiveness over Kate is another element of the show fans grew to love since he was quick to take her under his wing. Although he allowed her to be involved in the investigations of the Tracksuit Mafia, Clint made sure that he didn't put Kate in a situation where she was in over her head or unprepared.

He always made sure that her well-fare came first and would send her away if he believed it was too dangerous. It was quite sweet to watch since it did appear as if Kate didn't have anyone looking out for her properly so for Clint to step up when it mattered most would certainly strengthen their bond more.

Although Kate and Clint did fall out briefly after they discovered that a Black Widow assassin had been hired to kill the Avenger, the viewers were quite impressed that Kate still chose to remain fiercely loyal to him.

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There might have been moments where Kate was frustrated by the Barton patriarch or a little disappointed in the decisions he made (and she'll probably experience it in the future too), but the fact that she would still stand by him showed she was going to be one of Clint's greatest and best friends.

Although the MCU's Phase Four has seen plenty of great action sequences, many fans do hope that the writers will also continue to include scenes of comedy too as this was one of the reasons why fans enjoyed Hawkeye so much. 

While Clint did try to keep his distance initially, it didn't take long before he and Kate struck up a strong bond with one another. Not only did the Avenger tease Kate about her drawings and costume ideas, but Kate was also seen to replicate these playful exchanges by mocking his 'special arrows.' They were already on their way to building a strong foundation of friendship.

Out of all the Avengers, many viewers thought it was quite interesting that Clint was Kate's favorite. Given all of Tony Stark's and Steve Rogers' infamous legacies, Clint's good deeds often fly under the radar. However, he does seem to be quite okay with this, which is why even he was surprised by Kate choosing him to be her role model.

Although they say a person should never place their idols on a pedestal, Clint seems to embrace being Kate's mentor and role model. When Clint listens to her reasons as to why she wanted to be like him, the viewers can tell that he recognizes himself in Kate and that he will do whatever he can to make sure she doesn't make the same mistakes as he did.

Compared to how their relationship started, fans were ecstatic to see how much their friendship had blossomed by the end. Although Clint was adamant that Kate wouldn't be his partner once the Tracksuit Mafia situation had been resolved, it was quite sweet to see the Avenger tell Kate that he now saw her as an equal and ally.

While there is still a while before it becomes as iconic as Clint's partnership with Natasha, fans are really looking forward to seeing these two in action in the future and seeing their dynamic grow even more in future.

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