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Over the past two years of the aptly-named "Droughtlander," fans have been impatiently awaiting the arrival of the sixth season of Starz's hit period drama, Outlander. Besides flooding Reddit with questions about season 6, fans have also been creating lots of Outlander-inspired content on other social media platforms.

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Most notably, Starz asked fans to make videos on TikTok with a trend they called the "Outlander Challenge." There weren't specific parameters; fans simply had to creatively show their love for the time-traveling love story with their videos, and the results were incredible.

When fans are watching their favorite shows, it's easy for them to feel like they're being transported into the fictional world. TikTok creator @aclotheshorse captured that very feeling in their "Outlander Challenge" video.

Captioned "Where I am physically," they walk the halls of their home. Then, as the Outlander intro song swells, the scenery of the video instantly changes to one that resembles the stones at Craigh na Dun in Scotland and @aclotheshorse's clothes transform into a period gown as their fingers graze the stones. It's visually mesmerizing.

While some fans are being effortlessly whisked away to the world of rolling green hills and gorgeous Scottish gowns and costumes, others are having a bit of difficulty getting the stones to work for them. It's a creative take on the challenge and is sure to make Outlander fans chuckle--and relate.

In their "Outlander Challenge" video, @asta.darling is already all dressed up for a journey through the stones and into 18th century Scotland. They proclaim they're "over 2022" and just want to go back in time. Unfortunately, disappointment stings like a knife when nothing happens and they're stuck in the present day.

Sometimes, someone doesn't even need to make the trip to Scotland and the stones in order to be transplanted into the 1700s. And--occasionally--the magic takes the entire living room. @Teresa_jack was just sitting down to tune in to the show and watch their favorite romantic moments on Outlander, but the second they picked up the remote, they were put inside a romantic moment all their own.

Complete with a gown and cloak, Teresa's entire living room moved to the Scottish highlands. Not only that, but a red-haired Scotsman riding a horse appeared in front of Teresa and offered his hand. It's enough to make an Outlander fan swoon. Right as they're about to kiss, Teresa is transported back to her living room.

The plots of the "Outlander Challenge" videos kept getting more and more unique as different creators joined the trend on behalf of Starz. One TikToker, @piper.ally, created an entire narrative in their video. After an old-looking necklace with a crystal in it falls out of a pile of mail, something magical happens.

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With an amazing transition from a stone wall to a castle wall, @piper.ally finds themselves wearing the necklace inside the castle walls, in full Outlander attire and even a set of bagpipes for added flair, all while singing along to the Outlander theme.

There are some outstanding moments for women on Outlander, and they have some of the most beautiful costumes to boot. But the things that don't always get the appreciation they deserve are the kilts of the show. That's why it was so fun for @ecodanwanders to make a kilted "Outlander Challenge" video in a sea of Scottish gowns.

At the computer but staring longingly at a Diana Gabaldon book, EcoDan is suddenly inspired to place a hand on the cover of the book. Then, the book changes into a stone wall and EcoDan has an awesome reveal in the woods, fully garbed in a kilt, tunic, and a sword.

In a rare twist on the trend, the 18th-century gown in @littlelottiecosplay's "Outlander Challenge" TikTok doesn't just appear out of thin air--they made it, themselves! And, to add to the experience, they feature the process in their video, showing the dress in various stages of progress.

Caitriona Balfe has had some amazing costumes in her best IMDb-ranked movies and television shows, but fans have a soft spot for the gowns from the early seasons of Outlander. @littlelottiecosplay perfectly replicated a Scottish 18th-century gown and it's clear they put a lot of time and work into it.

It would be a dream for many book readers to simply be able to jump into their favorite fictional spaces and places, and that's exactly the energy that @sassenachtiktok brought to their "Outlander Challenge" video for Starz. As they're sitting down and relaxing with the first novel, they set the book down on the ground and jump.

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After a flashy transition that only the creative minds of TikTok creators could imagine, Jessica lands the jump in the woods, dressed in Outlander garb and holding a basket perfect for finding herbs, just like Claire did.

At its core, Outlander is an impassioned love story between soulmates Jamie and Claire that spans across 200 years of time. One of the most iconic and romantic scenes between them is their wedding, and @bbbridalboise paid homage to their nuptials in their video.

As the Outlander opening credits play, the Boise bridal shop features some of their gowns that they think best fit the Outlander aesthetic--and they don't disappoint. With floral appliques and flowing silhouettes, the gowns are truly gorgeous.

There may be quite a few unpopular opinions about Jamie, especially on Reddit, but he's still, by and large, one of the most loved period drama leading men. So, when @bethanyciotola did their "Outlander Challenge," everyday clothes being transformed into a historical gown meant he might be nearby, and Bethany ran off to go find him.

In addition to Bethany's PJs being magically turned into a linen gown and leather belt, her cellphone was also transformed into a mythical-looking leatherbound notebook, which was a really nice touch to the video. Bethany made sure to grab it before starting the Jamie search.

There was a cuteness overload in @shannabailee's "Outlander Challenge" on TikTok and the whole family got involved. As Shanna was getting ready for the day and the Outlander music played in the background, she used her mirror as a portal in a cool mashup of Outlander and Through The Looking Glass.

Once she got to the other side, her husband was there in a snowy wood, and there was even a horse to complete the aesthetic. If that wasn't enough, their beautiful baby made for one happy Outlander family outing.

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