Zelda: How Many Total Recipes Are In BOTW's Cookbook?

Link can cook a nearly innumerable amount of dishes in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Hyrulian Hero can seemingly throw any combination of ingredients together to create a new meal, whether it's clam chowder or monster rice balls. But there must be some limit to the game's cookbook, no matter how thick it is. So, how many recipes are actually in BOTW's so-called cookbook?

Part of the reason why this limit is unknown is because Breath of the Wild does not have an actual cookbook. While brewing stews and baking pies may be a regular activity players do in Breath of the Wild, cooking is never made an integral part of the gameplay save for select side quests. Additionally, the game prioritizes the effects different foods give Link rather than the actual recipes themselves, even if that means making weird cooking combinations in Breath of the Wild. Putting 5 endura carrots into a soup may not change the type of soup cooked, but it will make the warm, brothy mixture a strong resource for those needing a stamina boost.

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In order to find out how many recipes are in Breath of the Wild, one would have to either go into the game's files or record each new recipe found while throwing different ingredients together. Luckily, IGN has created its own version of the Breath of the Wild cookbook so that players have a single resource to find all of the game's recipes. The cookbook reveals that Link can cook 118 dishes in Breath of the Wild, showing the monster-fighting soldier also has an avid interest in the culinary arts.

Link uses all sorts of ingredients when making his meals. Indeed, Link eats rocks in Breath of the Wild, showing that he takes his daring, adventurous side with him into the kitchen. In terms of the proteins he uses, Link is willing to use poultry, game meat, fish, crustaceans, and even monsters. One of Breath of the Wild's most mysterious dishes is the dubious food, which contains monster bits with other ingredients that are regularly incompatible. So horrifying is the meal that the image of it is blurred in the game. For players who prefer a vegan or vegetarian diet, Link also has a plethora of fruit- and vegetable-based entrees, snacks, and desserts.

Usually, the proteins in Link's meals do not provide effects other than giving the Hero health. Many of the recipes that come with naturally status-boosting effects receive this characteristic from spices and plants. Thus, players would have better luck using meat-based food items to weigh Link in Breath of the Wild than getting status-boosts from them. Instead, those looking to put together a speed-giving concoction but do not know where to start should rely on crops and spices.

118 recipes are certainly plenty enough for Link in Breath of the Wild. That he remembers all of these ingredients while roaming the wasteland of Hyrule after the Calamity event speaks to his many strengths. Even so, it seems Link is not savvy enough to sit down and write his own in-game cookbook in Breath of the Wild.

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