Where Guts' Dragon Slayer Sword Is In Elden Ring (Berserk Reference)

Fans of the Berserk anime series will be happy to know that Guts' Dragon Slayer Sword has made it into Elden Ring. Of course, the weapon itself isn't called the "Dragon Slayer Sword" but is instead distinctly designed to resemble the iconic blade. To find it, players must venture fairly far across the map, meaning fans will likely not obtain the sword until sometime later in the game.

Guts' Dragon Slayer Sword, which is referred to as simply "Greatsword" in Elden Ring, is located along the path between the Sites of Graces at Rotview Balcony and the Caelem Ruins. Players can reach this area by traveling northeast of the Church of Elleh towards the Smoldering Church. Once they've arrived at the church, they can continue journeying to the east past the Caelid Minor Erdtree. Elden Ring fans will know they're close to the sword's location once the scenery begins to change from the dark green tones of the beginning region to Caelid's blood-red sky over a land of crimson sand.

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Starting from the Rotview Balcony, head northeast to the point on the main path where the road begins to turn south. Once players travel far enough, they will reach a small ridge overlooking a camp. Nearby the site sits a noticeably large, black carriage in Elden Ring's open world. Approach the backside of the coach to find a lootable chest. Interact with the node to receive the iconically-designed Berserk Greatsword in Elden Ring.

Like any Greatsword in Elden Ring, the Berserk Greatsword can inflict massive damage to hostile mobs at the cost of one's mobility. Therefore, players should make sure they understand the basic moves of an enemy or boss before committing to using the heavy weapon. Additionally, the Greatsword comes with a stat requirement of 31 Str to be used effectively. As a result, even if players decide to make the trek to acquire the weapon early on during their playthrough, they may not be able to wield it in battle until much later in the game.

An important detail in Elden Ring to note regarding the Berserk Greatsword's location is that high-level enemies are surrounding the area. More specifically, the wagon will be guarded by several wolf-like enemies, and other dangerous mobs can also be found near the vicinity. Such foes can take out players within 1-2 hits, even with a high level in Vigor. Hence, those not ready for the challenging fight should use Torrent to rush into the area, grab the sword, and retreat to safety.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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