Welcome To Plathville: How Kim Was Involved In Max & Moriah's Split

Max Kallschmidt confirmed his breakup with Moriah Plath in a video that shocked Welcome To Plathville fans, and he also explained how Moriah's mother Kim Plath was involved in their split. In general, viewers know that Max has always had a good relationship with Kim and Barry Plath despite the fact that they have a very strict parenting style. Nonetheless, Max has now revealed where he stands with Moriah's mom, Kim.

On Welcome To Plathville season 2, Moriah introduced her first boyfriend ever, Max, to her parents. At the time, Moriah's relationship with Kim and Barry was rocky, but it was getting better as they tried to understand her more. Their first meeting went surprisingly well and Max quickly seemed like he was a part of the family. Kim and Barry even loosened their restrictions on displays of affection when Max and Moriah would hold hands and kiss at the dinner table in front of her younger siblings.

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Max became extremely close to the Plath Family and even got help from Moriah's sister, Lydia, when he picked out a promise ring during Welcome To Plathville season 3. With Kim and Barry's support, Max gave the ring to Moriah to signal his intention to marry her one day. However, when Moriah moved to Florida and began living with her brother Ethan and his wife Olivia, they hit a rough patch. He felt pressured to move and was having problems with Olivia especially, though he has not gone into detail about it.

In a YouTube video, Max confirmed his split from Moriah and admitted that a night out with friends led to him crossing boundaries that he regretted. Alas, Max stated that he did not sleep with anyone. Welcome To Plathville fans might have expected Kim to get in the middle of their relationship and cause problems, as she has with Ethan and Olivia, but that was not the case here. After Kim confused fans by accepting Max into the family while she repeatedly did the opposite with Olivia, the mother of nine still showed support to Max.

Max said that after he and Moriah decided to take a break, he went to see Kim and Barry and got some amazing advice from them. Max said that Kim changed his life when she told him to seek the help of a mental health professional and that she is the reason he went through his journey of self-discovery. Kim also said that he needed to work through things from his past and do it for himself rather than doing it as a way to win back Moriah. Despite the fact that Moriah and Max are no longer together, Welcome To Plathville fans will be happy to know that they are both in a better place and remain friends.

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