Venom's Greatest Victory Just Created Marvel's Biggest Threat Yet

Warning: spoilers ahead for Thor #21!

Marvel Comics' latest issue of Thor is teasing that Venom's greatest victory - destroying Knull, the King in Black - may have created something even worse. While the new issue confirms that the corruption of the Sun is partly to blame for the God of Thunder's recent struggles to lift his hammer, but it's also made clear the star is near its breaking point. Countless dangers have been thrown into the Sun by Marvel's heroes, and Knull the Symbiote God may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

In Thor #21 from Donny Cates and Nic Klein, Thor finally learns the truth as to why his hammer has been resisting him while being easier for others to lift. During her time as the Mighty Thor, Jane Foster threw her hammer into the Sun in order to bind the Mangog within it. While the hammer was reforged during the War of the Realms, this new issue has revealed that the spirit of the Mangog merged with the God Tempest within Mjolnir, creating the brutal God of Hammers. As such, its definition of worthiness changed, where being "worthy" meant being willing to break and destroy.

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However, the issue also teases that this dark combination of Mjolnir and Mangog may not be the only consequence of the Sun serving as the ultimate incinerator whenever Marvel's heroes have needed to destroy a dark threat to the world. It became a running joke in the comics that Marvel's Sentry loved to dispose of major threats in the Sun, and when Venom received a cosmic power-up from the Enigma Force in the final issue of King in Black (also from Cates), he flew Knull into the star, seemingly destroying him for good. However, this new issue suggests that his destruction might not have been all that permanent, while also teasing a dark combination could be on the horizon as well (just like Mjolnir and Mangog.) The comics threatens, "There is only so much darkness one can throw into the Sun before the star turns black."

While the issue continues to allude to new evil growing within the Sun - one which will herald "total and complete extinction" - the narration ultimately resolves this is a story for another day. However, seeing as how the writer is Cates, it's not a stretch to assume he's teasing a future return of the Symbiote God he created, perhaps merging with some other darkness that was likewise hurled into the Sun. Seeing as how Knull ripped the Void from the Sentry and absorbed it within himself before being thrown into the Sun, perhaps the Symbiote God will merge with the Void to become something even darker and more powerful?

Knull's death was epic and definitive, so it makes sense that whatever is within the Sun is something new, though likely drawing on and warping the former King in Black's power just as Mangog has merged with Mjolnir. As this new issue of Thor reminds readers, plenty of dark forces and evils have been thrown into the star, and it's likely the threat that emerges will be millennia in the making. If that happens, it would certainly turn Venom's greatest victory as a hero incredibly dark.

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