Ubisoft Offers Additional Funds To Employees In Ukraine

In light of the ongoing Russian invasion, Ubisoft offered additional funds to employees in Ukraine to aid in safe relocation efforts. The conflict in Eastern Europe continues to unfold. Numerous casualties have already been reported, and Ukrainian citizens have been forced to evacuate as missiles, tanks, and a barrage of invading troops overwhelm cities. While the official conflict only erupted last week, the looming threat of a Russian invasion has concerned people around the world for a while. In early February, FFXIV Streamer Zepla fled from Ukraine to the United States due to rising tensions between the Eastern European Nations, and she's only one example of people who've had their lives severely impacted by the attack.

Now that the invasion has begun in earnest, public reaction has been immediate and strong. Several major figures in the video game industry have already issued statements concerning the events in Eastern Europe, and some of them are offering what support they can. One notable example of this is Polish developer 11 Bit Studios. The company has pledged support to the Ukrainian Red Cross in the form of all profits from This War of Mine, an anti-war game developed by the company.

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As reported by Eurogamer, Ubisoft is also reacting to the events in Europe, offering additional funds to employees in Ukraine in light of Russia’s illegal invasion. The funding is intended to help the individuals and their families relocate. In addition to funding, the developer is reportedly providing alternate housing and early salary payments in its efforts. In an official tweet, Ubisoft stated, “our thoughts are with our teams and their loved ones in Ukraine,” and claimed that it is closely monitoring the situation. Ubisoft has “taken measures to accompany [its employees] in the best possible way” including providing financial support and relocation to safety. The publisher is also providing housing in neighboring countries and has set up hotlines that can easily respond to questions and provide emergency communications if “infrastructures grow unstable.”

Ubisoft’s response is only one of many within the gaming industry. In addition to the aforementioned initiative from 11 Bit Studios, CD Projekt Red announced it donated $242k USD in aid. CD Projekt Red stated it was firmly opposed to the Russian government’s actions against Ukraine, using its influence to make a powerful statement against the injustice. Ubisoft’s efforts seem to establish a similar stance, as it works to aid its Ukrainian staff amidst the growing crisis.

Ubisoft has two studios in Ukraine - one in the capital Kyiv and another in Odessa. There are other large video game studios in Ukraine that will likely need to mobilize staff, such as Stalker developer GSC Game World, and Frogwares, the studio behind The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes. While it’s not entirely clear how the conflict will impact future Ubisoft game releases, the priority now is ensuring communities are safe from harm.

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Source: Ubisoft/Twitter (via Eurogamer)

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