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FromSoftware's highly-anticipated upcoming release, Elden Ring, has monopolized the focus of fantasy fans the world over as they await the debut of the Hidetaka Miyazaki-George R.R. Martin collaboration.

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Subreddits dedicated to fantasy gaming -- including one specifically dedicated to Elden Ring -- have become designated territory for game discussion, and will likely remain so for the coming weeks. Among this discussion is plenty of comedy for gamers to enjoy and bond over, much of which can be found in the form of memes.

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George R. R. Martin -- the elusive and unpredictable author who wrote the series of novels upon which the HBO phenomenon Game of Thrones was based -- evidently takes advantage of his wealth and fame to live a somewhat relaxed lifestyle, as he is slow to complete projects despite the angst of his impatient fans.

This meme hilariously satirizes both the alleged minimal discipline and unparalleled talent of the writer, which has earned George R.R. Martin fans devoted enough to make hilarious memes about him.

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This meme touches on the unease that many Americans felt during the vote-counting process of the 2020 presidential election by linking it to the painfully-long rollout of Elden Ring, as if the two events were comparable.

To many gamers and Martin fans, waiting for Elden Ring and the Soul Series features fans hope to see in it feels as pressing as a change in political leadership, making for plenty of pent-up tension. Memes such as this allow nervous fantasy fans to bond over their shared anxiety as they wait for the release date.

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Many gamers' obsession with their pastime is feverish and borderline obsessive, with some using their favorite games to help with their personal issues while upending their routines as an unwanted but necessary consequence.

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This meme is a brilliant satire of such dogged, self-consuming focus -- lightly self-critical while fully embracing the gamers' fanaticism. Anyone who devoutly follows a franchise can relate to this Reddit user's obsession with the upcoming Miyazaki-Martin project, as well as to the toll that such an obsession often takes on their personal life.

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This meme nods to Quentin Tarantino's 1994 masterpiece, Pulp Fiction, showing a still from the iconic scene in which Samuel L. Jackson's character holds suspected money launderers at gunpoint. Many gamers and fantasy aficionados suspect that Elden Ring may be as brilliant and significant as that acclaimed film, making for a smart and effective tie-in for people who are attuned to broader popular culture.

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This Reddit user is likely not the only gamer who has a broad knowledge of media, suggesting that Elden Ring may be suited for people who enjoy other narrative forms of entertainment in addition to video games.

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The wait for the game has been excruciatingly long for those who are immersed in video game culture, and Elden Ring's February 25 release date will be a monumental event in such circles.

This meme hilariously plays on the excitement of these fans, showing a man with an absurdly pained expression warning others of a highly-anticipated arrival. Gamers may find this meme to be only slightly hyperbolic of their actual feelings toward the release date, based on the overwhelming buzz that the game has generated on Reddit and the extent to which they are playing open-world games before the release of Elden Ring.

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Avid gamers know that the enjoyability of a gaming session hinges on the quality of their hardware, and scores have likely upgraded their equipment in preparation for Elden Ring's release.

This meme plays on the differing experiences between those who use PCs and those who use consoles when preparing for the drop of a new game -- with anxiety being a common theme for both. It's likely that many gamers will find this meme to be wonderfully relatable as a result.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of people the world over and has made the past two years a monotonous blur of social isolation and minimal excitement. For many gamers, the release of Elden Ring is a rare and thus a more-cherished source of enjoyment that will hopefully distract them from the emotional drain that the pandemic has placed on all of us.

This meme is a hilarious representation of the joy that a seemingly-simple pleasure can provide in a time of crisis.

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This meme draws on an iconic scene from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to make light of gamers' awareness that others view their obsession with Elden Ring as excessive, while they themselves could care less.

The pure devotion that many feel toward a game that is yet to be released is something to be admired rather than mocked, and gamers, such as the one who created this meme, are aware of the beauty and rarity of their excitement in a time such as this and are rightly proud of it.

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The internet's discussion of Elden Ring in the time since its announcement has been so extensive that subscribers to r/Eldenring -- the subreddit specifically dedicated to the game -- are struggling to generate new ideas for conversation in the final days before the game's long-anticipated release.

This meme is a hysterical send-up of that unique problem, and of the gamers' self-awareness of their obsessiveness. The game's February 25 release will likely provide these Reddit users with at least several more months worth of fresh discussion material.

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Elden Ring humor has effectively become its own genre of comedy at this point, with memes such as this referencing the fanbase's humor, even as they contribute to it themselves. From questions regarding the game's hardware and software requirements to the other games that Elden Ring looks exactly like, there are plenty of common points for prospective Elden Ring players to discuss, debate, and satirize as they wait for the game's release, with Reddit long being one of the best places to do so.

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