Sulfuron Slammer in World of Warcraft: How To Get & Use It Properly

There's a never-ending amount of items in World Of Warcraft, the Sulfuron Slammer is a unique one that players might need some help in acquiring. The Sulfuron Slammer is a consumable item with unique effects that come in handy during specific situations. The Infused Mushroom would be another unique consumable with abnormal conditions, other than the Sulfuron Slammer players might have some familiarity with.

The Sulfuron Slammer in World Of Warcraft has some unique effects and some players may not feel that the item is worth the effort to get. For example, the item will do a few things where one ailment is getting the character drunk when consumed. The other interesting effect is that it sets the player on fire for six seconds, causing four damage points every three seconds. It might not sound like a valuable item immediately, but can be useful when trying to knock some sense into a character while it's under a few different status effects.

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Status ailments and buffs in World Of Warcraft are numerous, with some of the standards being poison, slow, or bonus damage, and many others appearing in the game. There are some items and spells for players to combat the various ailments they can get, with some more effective than others. The Sulfuron Slammer is an ideal cure for the sleep effect, waking up the character from a deep sleep and getting them back into combat quickly.

The uses for the Sulfuron Slammer in World Of Warcraft don't just stop at relieving the sleep spell. While it is true that it does help with the sleep ailment, it comes in handy against Anetheron in Mount Hyjal, who loves putting characters to sleep. Also, it can help in preventing the polymorph spell from taking hold against Mages, while dueling. Luckily acquiring the Sulfuron Slammer is simpler than players may think.

To pick up the Sulfuron Slammer in World Of Warcraft, players need to bring 20 pieces of silver to Blackrock Depths and be at level 30 to use it. In Blackrock Depths, players need to get to Plugger Spazzring, who sells the fiery drink at the Grim Guzzler tavern before Chamber of Enchantment. An interesting side note about Plugger Spazzring is that he also holds the Grim Guzzler Key that allows more areas of Blackrock Depths to open up, players will need to pickpocket him to get this key though.

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World of Warcraft is available on PC, Mac OS, and Classic Mac OS.

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