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Who is Steven Universe Future villain Bluebird and why does she hold such a grudge against the show’s eponymous character? After five seasons and one TV movie spent dealing with the conflicts between the Crystal Gems and the Gem Homeworld, Steven finally found some respite in the epilogue series Steven Universe Future. The series follows a 16-year-old Steven and his Crystal Gem pals as they oversee Little Homeworld, a settlement on Earth where humans and Gems peacefully co-exist.

Humans and Gems might be living in relative harmony in Steven Universe Future, but Steven still faced several obstacles in the series. One of those was the villainous Gem named Bluebird Azurite who made her debut in an episode titled “Bluebird.” Steven Universe Future revealed that Bluebird was the fusion of two Homeworld Gems who previously had beef with Steven – Aquamarine, an acolyte of former Homeworld ruler Blue Diamond and Eyeball Ruby, who fought in the original war between the Homeworld Gems and Crystal Gems thousands of years ago.

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Both Aquamarine and Eyeball Ruby appeared in the original Steven Universe show. In season 3, Steven had a near-deadly encounter with Eyeball Ruby in outer space when she attacked him under the mistaken belief he was his mother Rose Quartz, the leader of the rebellion against the Gem Homeworld. Later, in Steven Universe season 4, Aquamarine kidnapped Steven and several of his friends to confine them in a human zoo on the Gem Homeworld. After Steven and the Crystal Gems eventually struck a truce between Earth and the Gem Homeworld, Aquamarine and Eyeball Ruby felt Steven was unfairly let off the hook and so fused together to become Bluebird and exact revenge on him.

In Steven Universe Future, Bluebird arrived in Beach City and started playing seemingly innocent pranks on Steven who immediately recognized she was a fusion of Aquamarine and Eyeball Ruby. Steven was rightfully suspicious of Bluebird and voiced his concerns to the Crystal Gems who insisted he should give her a chance. However, Bluebird’s behavior soon escalated and before long she was holding Steven’s dad Greg hostage and demanding Little Homeworld be burned to the ground. In the finale of this Steven Universe Future outing, the title character and the Crystal Gems were forced to battle Bluebird and though they emerged victoriously, the un-fused Aquamarine and Eyeball Ruby swore they’d always be out in the universe hating him.

Steven Universe Future’s “Bluebird” episode served an important purpose in the epilogue series, showing Steven that some Homeworld Gems will always bear a grudge against him. Whether or not the franchise will continue now that Steven Universe Future has come to an end remains to be seen, but if it does there’s a likelihood that Bluebird – or Aquamarine and Eyeball Ruby, rather – will return to seek revenge on Steven once again.

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