Spider-Man: No Way Home Sets Up A More Exciting Peter & Harry Dynamic

Should Harry Osborn make his MCU debut at some point in the next trilogy, the dynamic between him and Peter will be very different from both the movies and the comics as Spider-Man: No Way Home has made Spider-Man aware of the Osborns’ Green Goblin history. By bringing in five multiversal villains and the other two live-action versions of Spider-Man, No Way Home has taken Tom Holland's series of films to the next level and left audiences eager for where the franchise goes next. While details about the next Spider-Man movie are still a mystery, Sony and Marvel have already announced that they are continuing their successful partnership.

The friendship between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn is one of the most important pillars in the Spider-Man lore. Focusing on Peter's high school life, the first Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU chose not to introduce Harry, who in the comics only gets to meet Peter in college. Another obvious reason for not utilizing Harry or an MCU-Norman was to avoid reusing already worn-out villains from the Spider-Man franchise. Although a key player in several Spider-Man stories, Harry had already appeared in four of the other five films leading up to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now heading into a second trilogy, it might be the time for Peter to finally meet Harry in the MCU.

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Whenever that encounter happens, it will already be different from all the previous iterations— including in the comics. The events of No Way Home have shown Peter Parker that, at least somewhere in the multiverse, the name Osborn is tied to the Green Goblin. That can cause Peter to meet Osborns already anticipating how dangerous that family could be. As this does not necessarily confirm that the versions of Norman and Harry that Peter will get to know are evil, Spider-Man should have a hard time making judgments that are not blinded by all the pain that Raimi's Norman has caused him.

As Spider-Man's journey is always one of miscalls, it is likely that Peter will either try to avoid any closeness to Harry or will try to prevent the Osborn family of his universe from having the same fate as the others. Either option would have the potential to generate a lot of drama between Peter and the Osborns and could end up having the opposite effect of what Spider-Man wants. Peter's mistrust and his desire to keep the Osborns from falling into a darker path could be exactly what pushes Norman or Harry to go down the villainous rote.

The already frayed relationship between Peter and Harry can be given a new interpretation thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Placing Spider-Man against multiverse villains whose versions in the MCU he has yet to meet was a bold decision, but one that could provide interesting dynamics in the future. Whether friend or foe, Harry has what it takes to be an important part of the next Spider-Man trilogy.

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