Spider-Gwen Gets an Anti-Venom Upgrade in Vicious New Cosplay

Among the many fresh and recently created Marvel Comics characters who are carving out a significant following among fans, the one formerly known as Spider-Gwen is certainly one of the most successful. Gwen Stacy from Earth-65 received her power in an accident similar to that occurred to Peter Parker. Similar to what happened for Spider-Man, Gwen also fought against a symbiote and fused with it to become Gwenom. On Reddit, Cosplayer Caytiecosplay decide to reproduce a version of the character: Anti-Gwenom.

This version of Gwen Stacy debuted as Spider-Woman in Edge of the Spider-Verse #2. In her universe, she was bitten by a radioactive spider while her boyfriend, Peter Parker, turned into the Lizard and later died in her arms, inspiring Gwen to become a heroine. The character was an immediate success and received several ongoing series, changing her name to Ghost-Spider. Spider-Man fans always loved Gwen Stacy, as her death was one of the most tragic moments in Peter Parker's life, but she is one of the few characters that Marvel would not bring back to life. This alternative version of Gwen thus is a great way to keep developing and exploring a beloved character without undoing one of the most important stories in Spider-Man's history.

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In Gwen's universe, her Venom is an artificial construct created from the Lizard serum and the radioactive spider isotopes. This created all sorts of trouble for the heroine, including revealing her true identity to the public, but she was able to keep it under control, with some help from the original Spider-Man. Another version of Gwenom appeared on a cover for the Edge of Venomverse event, drawn by artist Greg Horn, who combined the Anti-Venom symbiote (which reverses the usual black and white color distribution of the Venom costume) with Gwen Stacy in a stunning variant that became wildly popular with cosplayers - despite the character never actually appeared in a story.

Caytiecosplay decided to put a spin on Gwen's trademark white hooded costume. Just like another other cosplay artist, she maintained the basic look of the costume, but changed the logo to resemble the Venom one. She added the black markings of the symbiote spreading over the body, on the arms, legs, and on part of her face too. Overall, this is an interesting take on an extremely popular cosplay subject.

As the popularity of the character keeps growing, more and more fans will add their unique touch to Gwen Stacy. Perhaps it is time for Marvel to make Anti-Gwenom canon by making her appear in Ghost-Spider stories too, and Caytiecosplay's look could be a good starting point.

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Source: Reddit/Caytiecosplay

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