Ryan Reynolds Collides With His Past Self In The Adam Project Clip

Ryan Reynolds comes face-to-face with his 12-year-old self in a new clip from Netflix's The Adam Project. Fresh off back-to-back successes Free Guy and Red Notice, Reynolds is combining two aspects of both as he courts another crowd-pleasing movie. The Adam Project reunites him with Free Guy director Shawn Levy and Red Notice streamer Netflix for an original sci-fi family adventure. The movie boasts a star-studded cast that  includes Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner, and Mark Ruffalo; it also introduces newcomer Walker Scobell as Reynolds' younger counterpart.

In The Adam Project, Reynolds' Adam is a time traveler from 2050 who crash lands back into 2022 while grievously injured. Adam plunged into the space-time continuum to find his lost love (Saldana), and he needs the help of his late father (Ruffalo) to save his future. In meeting him once again, he'll also cross paths with his younger self, thus allowing Adam to confront all the heartaches of his past. The Adam Project is set to premiere on Netflix in March, and it stands as one of the streamer's most anticipated movies of the year.

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To start hyping up The Adam Project, the Netflix Film Club has released a clip from the movie. It features a pivotal moment from the film: When Adam meets Adam. The younger version is baffled by the presence of an injured man who knows his way around his house, but with the older Adam's help, he pieces it all together. Check out the video down below.

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Aside from its impressive cast, the true hook of The Adam Project is its compelling premise, and the above scene is the perfect spotlight for it. Reynolds and Scobell seem to have good chemistry, working well off each other and nailing all of the characteristics that make up their respective Adams. They couldn't be more dissimilar in some ways, yet it's not hard to believe that they're actually the same person. The ease in which Reynolds and Scobell work together bodes well for the rest of The Adam Project, which will likely rise or fall on the strength of their dynamic.

So far, though, things are looking good for this unique sci-fi flick. Early reactions to The Adam Project have been positive so far, with many calling the film fun and heartfelt. Netflix original movies can be somewhat divisive even if they become incredibly popular, but The Adam Project could be a rare success that both racks up impressive viewing numbers and positive reviews. Audiences will just have to find out for themselves next month.

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