Ruth's Doctor Who Return Can Setup The Best Whittaker Replacement

The anticipation for the Doctor Who specials is rising, especially so with the confirmed reappearance of Ruth's Doctor, and her return could set up the perfect replacement for Whittaker. Jodie Whittaker took the mantle of the Doctor in 2017, becoming the 13th Doctor in the lineup, and the first woman to take on the role. After three seasons, she's ready to pass the sonic screwdriver over to someone else, and her story will close with the upcoming Doctor Who specials. There is always ample fan-casting, speculation, and rumors regarding the identity of a new Doctor, but the return of Ruth could have already set up Whittaker's replacement Doctor.

Ruth's Doctor was first introduced in season 12, episode 5, ''Fugitive of the Judoon''. Her identity was mysterious from the offset, appearing to be a regular person living a regular life. However, when captured by the Judoon she successfully fought them off, and with no idea how. It was then revealed that there was a TARDIS buried outside of the lighthouse she grew up in. After this, with her memory restored, it was announced that she was actually a version of the Doctor called the Fugitive Doctor, who predates even William Hartnell's version of the titular character. She was an immediate favorite with fans and they've long awaited her return, and with it could bring a worthy replacement for the Doctor.

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The replacement could (and, perhaps, should) be Ruth herself. She is an official Doctor, getting a credit announcing her as such (the same was true for John Hurt's War Doctor,) thus it wouldn't be a stretch to have her front the show. Though the next season will be the return of Doctor Who legend Russell T Davies to the series, and he very much might prefer to cast someone new in the role, Ruth already has ample setup to successfully takeover from Jodie's version of the character.

Ruth's Fugitive Doctor has, thus far, only appeared in three episodes of Doctor Who, and fans are begging for more from her. With her past, there is so much to be explored with her, and so much to know about the Doctor's incarnations pre-Hartnell, such as where Ruth fits on the timeline. Plus she's already been established in the series and has been one of the highlights of recent Doctor Who.

One of the most exciting parts of the show is seeing how an actor will approach playing the Doctor, and already, fans can decipher small parts of what would be her Doctor persona, and it's a hit. She's assertive, no-nonsense (she believes the sonic to be a lowly tool) and perhaps morally gray. She agrees with the Doctor mantra of not using weapons, but more than once she has threatened to kill if she has to, which is likely a product of her days in Doctor Who's Division. Unlike the War Doctor who has always hauntingly lingered in the psyche of the title character, Jodie's Doctor has no memory of Ruth and vice versa. Therefore, Ruth's past, personality, and experiences can't be articulated by another Doctor, it has to be her who shares herself. This only makes her more intriguing and shadowy, completely different from any other incarnation of the character.

After Chibnall's memorable run at the helm of Doctor Who, with the monumental retcon of the Timeless Child, the Fugitive Doctor remains a stand-out inclusion. Ruth's Doctor clearly has what it takes to be the star of the show, already being such a favorite after a mere three episodes. Whatever happens with Jodie Whittaker's regeneration, Ruth's Doctor should still undoubtedly be used in the future. She's a true asset to the show and a pleasure to see onscreen in any circumstance.

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