RHOSLC: Why Fans Hope Jen Shah's Innocent For The Sake Of The Show

Twitter went wild Sunday evening for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, specifically for Jen Shah, as viewers now hope she is innocent for the sake of the show. Fans can't get enough of Jen's glib reactions to everything. In the wake of the lawsuits filed against Jen, she has a newfound sense of detachment regarding the show drama. In many ways, it feels like she's serving Kathy Hilton's "who is hunky-dory?" vibes, and the fans are loving it.

Audiences aren't turning a blind eye to Jen's alleged scams, and neither is the FBI. Her trial date arrives in two months, and the world is waiting with bated breath to see if Jen truly is guilty of wire fraud and a telemarketing scheme targeting the elderly. The upcoming episode of RHOSLC shows Jen learning that her right-hand man Stuart Smith pleaded guilty to three charges brought against him. Jen maintains that she is innocent and probably concluded that she and Stuart were no longer on the same team.

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When it comes to everyone else's drama, Jen's demeanor is calmer than ever. While Jen has no patience for criticism against her, she hasn't batted much of an eyelash at Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow's feuding or Whitney Rose's determination to question everyone. As the RHOSLC went in on round three of their Zion getaway screaming matches, Jen casually whacked a mosquito with a pillow. Real Bravoholic tweeted, "I need Jen Shah to be proven innocent for the sake of this show," with a gif of the moment. The post got close to five thousand likes at the time of this writing. Jen continued her unbothered energy, and Big Ol Geek noticed, tweeting, "It's Jen Shah holding this bottle of casamigos like there's water in there, for me chile…"

After hearing so much about Mary Cosby's problematic behavior, Jen got curious. Fans couldn't get enough of Jen's shock and awe at witnessing Mary in action at her church. Jen explained she sent a Mother's Day message to Mary, and Mary responded, saying God moved her to invite Jen to one of her services. The larger-than-life persona Mary embodied and how her parishioners truly did seem to worship her left Jen politely shook. Fans couldn't get enough of Jen's facial expressions. Lewis John tweeted, "Jen Shah's reactions at Mary's church were brilliant… the full look of being witness to a cult." Jen kept the straightest face she could, bless her. However, it was clear that Jen's curiosity was rewarded tenfold by what she witnessed. Multiple members of Mary's congregation have accused her of manipulating them into giving her large sums of money and other problematic behaviors. Mary's church has since been shut down.

Jen's morals may still be questionable; however, her entertainment value is bigger and better than ever before. Fans can't deny how hilarious Jen is. As she grows less reactionary to the more trivial things but more fired up than ever to her own spiralling FBI investigation, she just gets more interesting. Whether proven guilty or not, fans are dying for more of Jen on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3.

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