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Starly is a Normal and Flying-Type Starling Pokémon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that evolves into Staravia and Staraptor via leveling. The primary way to encounter Starly is with the Walking method within several areas in the Sinnoh region. The spawn rate differs depending on the site, as some zones will have a lower or higher chance of Starly appearing. Keep in mind that these locations in Diamond and Pearl also have a rare possibility of spawning Staravia.

For a slight chance of finding Starly, players can search Lake Verity, Route 201, Route 202, Route 203, or Route 204. Alternatively, there's possibly a higher chance that Starly can be encountered on Route 212, Route 209, or within the Great Marsh. To access the Great Marsh, Trainers can enter the gate to the north of Pastoria City, and they must pay a fee of ₽500 to go into the Great Marsh Safari Zone. Remember that once the player takes more than 500 steps or uses all the provided 30× Safari Balls, they will need to pay the fee again.

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Once players have caught Starly in Pokémon BDSP, they evolve it into Staravia by leveling the Pokémon to 14. However, if the Trainer captured Starly on Route 212, Route 209, or in Pokémon BDSP's Great Marsh, it will already be at a level higher than 14. To evolve it at this stage, the Pokémon must reach the next level to turn into Staravia. The easiest way to do this is by feeding it a Rare Candy, a consumable item that instantly levels a Pokémon by 1.

To evolve Staravia into Staraptor, Trainers will need to increase its level to 34. Yet, if players have managed to catch a high-level Staravia out in the wild, they can repeat the Rare Candy method above to have it transform immediately into Staraptor. If this isn't the case, they will need to work on leveling the Staravia.

One of the best ways to level up a Pokémon quickly is by giving it a Lucky Egg in Pokémon BDSP. Lucky Eggs are equipable items that increase the amount of EXP earned from battles by 1.5×, and players will be able to collect multiple eggs during a playthrough. One Lucky Egg that's easy to find is within the Icy Cave of the Grand Underground. To enter this zone, players will first need to pass through Acuity Lakefront using an Explorer's Kit. Additionally, Trainers can find Lucky Eggs on caught Chanseys or buy them from the Battle Tower for 77 BP.

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are available on Nintendo Switch.

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