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Pivoting, the newest comedy on Fox follows three women in their late 30s-early 40s dealing with the far-too-soon death of their best friend, and re-evaluating their own lives is something to which any middle-aged woman or man can relate. All it takes is the premature death of that one friend, family member, or even old high school acquaintance to shed light on mortality and make that saying "life is short" become all too real.

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While the main characters Amy, Jodie, and Sarah are each going through their wake-up call, they are surrounded by a variety of fascinating side characters that help amp up the humor of the series.

7 Dan

Dan was the character who was talked about the most on the show before he was seen. He was presented as a terrible husband and an annoyance to Jodie, who had seemingly long fallen out of love with him. In the first scene he appears in, Dan is only seen for mere seconds but manages to insult Jodie and make her feel bad about herself before taking off to work. He's the least likable character, but it makes fans want to see Jodie stand up to him before the season is done.

Amy and Sarah didn't like Dan either, using every opportunity to remind Jodie that her husband was a terrible person. Their brutal honesty is part of what makes them such good friends and gives the ladies of Pivoting a good chance to rank among the best friends in sitcoms from the 2000s and beyond.

6 Gloria

Before Amy, played by Eliza Coupe who is best known for her lead role on Happy Endings (which ranks among the best hipster TV shows) had her epiphany about being a good mom, her kids were, by and large, being cared for by the nanny, Gloria. The older woman was caring and loving towards the kids, and worked long hours without batting an eye.

Her expression when Amy arrived home early one day, and particularly on more than one occasion, was priceless. She also handled the situation with grace, at first wanting to advise stopping herself realizing that Amy was the mother not her. She lets Amy do her thing when she decides she wants to, but also doesn't shy away from throwing a passive-aggressive remark about it now and then.

5 Huddy

As part of her mid-life crisis and awakening following the death of her friend Colleen, Sarah decides to quit her job as a talented surgeon to work somewhere less demanding, but where she can be happy. A light bulb clicks when she sees a "help wanted" sign in the local grocery store and a man happily dancing as he mops the floor. So, she meets with Huddy for her interview.

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Despite his obvious reservations, Huddy, the seemingly organized and efficient store manager, decides to take a chance on the very over-qualified woman. Rather than be portrayed as the stereotypical goofy grocery store boss, Huddy is smart, level-headed, and helps keep Sarah on track to do the job while she deals with her crisis.

4 Rudy

Every show has to have a villain or "bad guy" of some kind, and in this show, it's Rudy. Sarah's co-worker at the grocery store was upset at her quick rise to fame, becoming Employee of the Month. However, mostly he's angry that she tries to shake things up, making the other employees look bad and creating more work for them.

Rudy, played by David Theune who fans might recognize from Good Girls (one of many female-led shows fans believe was canceled too soon) loved coasting along in his job. Chances are, he and Sarah will continue to butt heads.

3 Henry

Henry represents the perfect husband, the man who works every day, stays in shape, and respects his wife and her wishes. He isn't threatened by her success nor does he pressure her into being a typical "mom."

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He is sweet, kind, gets along with all her friends, and is generally a likable person. Henry is even responsible for one of the best quotes on Pivoting when he says he "can't panic" like he could in his 20s. Even when Amy becomes paranoid about different things that could be wrong with her, terrified she could meet the same fate as Colleen, he helps bring her down and generally be there for her every step of the way.

2 Luke

Amy's son is an adorable boy who is sharp, inquisitive, talkative, and funny. He is seemingly so happy to have his mother around whenever she is, oblivious to her harsh criticisms of him sometimes. Luke is deeply fascinated with animals, and while that sometimes isolates him from peers, Amy begins to realize that it's more important he can be himself than it is that he be accepted by others.

The first introduction of Luke, with his face smashed up to Amy's car window, was sweet and funny. As he continues to appear in episodes, fans love his quirky, weird, and wonderful ways, but also how Amy is beginning to warm to them and realize that her son is perfect as he is.

1 JT

There's something so lovable about JT, Jodie's passionate personal trainer who wants to help her get in shape. While it might otherwise seem like Jodie is reading too much into the things he says and believing he might be interested in her, he kept dropping hints that he might be until he finally revealed the truth.

Even if he is pursuing a married woman romantically, JT also really wants to help Jodie lose weight, reach her fitness goals, and feel better about herself. With an affair imminent between the two, fans like the idea of the attractive, young trainer falling for the mom whose husband believes she should have just "stopped trying" years ago.

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