OlliOlli World: How To Do The Gnarly Route In Woodstock’s Wood Hut

In OlliOlli World, one of Mike's challenges for Woodstock's Wood Hut is to ride through Woodstock's Yard, better known as the gnarly path. This back path is particularly difficult due to its strict platforming. As a result, the player needs to build and keep speed in an area that doesn't provide many opportunities in the first place.

OlliOlli World is a skateboarding platformer where the player plays as a potential heir to the skate wizard. To prove themselves, the player character must skate around the many locals of Radlandia, such as Californian piers, OlliOlli World's prehistoric and alien deserts, and forests with giant bees and meet the gods of skating. In Cloverbrook, the woodsy region of Radlandia, the player will meet the local hero Woodstock, who has made a wood yard perfect for skating.

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OlliOlli World encourages players to take paths and perform tricks that best suit them. One way of encouraging this is through gnarly routes: alternate routes that provide opportunities for greater scores but are often more difficult. For example, the gnarly route of Woodstock's Wood Hut provides a noticeable difficulty spike—one that doesn't provide the benefits of a higher score, as the best way to clear this route is to use much less stylish tactics lest the play slam and need to retry.

Woodstock's gnarly route features two boardwalks with grind rails and significant gaps between them, and each has three wallrides over them. The path suggests the player grind on the rails, then jump and use the wall rides to clear the gaps. However, players may find it difficult to clear these gaps because it requires a high enough speed. Players may often find they have enough speed to slam into the side of the next boardwalk but not enough to get on top of it. OlliOlli World's early game teaches players to focus on tricks and getting high scores to beat local heroes and other players. Because of this, players might clear Woodstock's gnarly path with this playstyle. However, players will often slam because this playstyle focuses on tricks and not speed. As a result, the player will need to avoid grinding on every possible rail and instead focus on building and maintaining speed in OlliOlli World.

Players are given two options when trying to clear the gaps in Woodstock's yard: rail grind or ride on the boardwalk. Rail grinding can help build and maintain the current momentum on flat ground and build even more momentum on downward slopes. However, if players start a rail grind with not much speed, the only way the player will be able to build a lot more is if the rail is long and sloped enough. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Woodstock's yard. While it is possible to have enough speed to start with, the ramp and wall ride leading into the rail grinds make that difficult.

Instead of rail grinding in OlliOlli World, players can use the boardwalk to power push. If the player pushes down a slope, they will gain an immense amount of speed—and they will gain even more if doing a power push. This is the trick to clearing the gaps. For example, when crossing to the first platform in Woodstock's yard, the player should not start grinding but should land and charge their push. Once the player reaches the downward slope, they can do a power push to gain a lot of speed. The player can then use the three wall rides to skate across this difficult gap with the boosted speed. Because the speed is much greater than before, players can also grind on the next rail to maintain and gain more momentum. If players happen to slow down, they can use the same trick as the previous boardwalk to increase their speed again. With the second set of wall rides, players should use as much of the second wall as possible. Using too little can drop players too low, causing them to slam against the last platform. Once this final gap is crossed, players have successfully taken the gnarly route through Woodstock's yard.

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OlliOlli World releases February 8 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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