Marvel’s New Spider-Man Is Venom’s Greatest Threat

Marvel’s new Spider-Man has so far done an amazing job at upholding the heroic title of the original, though there are some skeletons in his closet that make this version of the web-slinger Venom’s greatest threat. After Peter Parker was badly injured during a battle with the villainous team the U-Foes, his clone Ben Reilly stepped up as the new Spider-Man while Peter recovers. While Ben has become Marvel’s new Spider-Man, he has been a spider-hero for quite some time. During his first run at being a superhero, Ben faced off against Venom and proved himself to Lethal Protector’s greatest threat, something that still rings true to this day. 

In Spider-Man #53 by Howard Mackie and Tom Lyle, Ben Reilly is on the hunt for criminals across New York City as his original alter ego Scarlet Spider. Scarlet Spider comes across Venom who attacks Ben for being an imposter Spider-Man. Previously, Spider-Man and Venom came to an understanding that Spider-Man wouldn’t mess with Venom so long as he stayed out of trouble. Scarlet Spider does not uphold that treaty and goes all-out in his fight against Venom. 

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Scarlet Spider is vicious while fighting Venom as he didn’t hold back his full fury against the villain-turned-antihero. In the end, Scarlet Spider rips Eddie Brock out of the Venom symbiote then traps the alien in a makeshift containment vessel until both entities can be separately taken away by the authorities. Marvel’s new Spider-Man completely destroyed Venom when they fought, and with how the story ended, he could have permanently defeated the antihero once and for all. After proving what kind of damage the current Spider-Man can inflict upon Venom, he continues to be a threat to him even to this day. 

Since Eddie Brock’s ascension to becoming the god of symbiotes, his son Dylann Brock is the current Venom of the Marvel Universe. While Dylann is getting his footing as the new version of the antihero, he still has a lot to learn about fully mastering his new powers. If he were to go up against Ben Reilly, Dylann would be destroyed by the seasoned spider-hero both because of Spider-Man’s experience and because of the fact that he so effectively took care of the original Venom. Plus, as it stands in the current Spider-Man comics, Ben Reilly has proven he has no problem enacting a more brutal and heartless form of justice then Peter. 

In Amazing Spider-Man #88, Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man basically leaves M.J. to die after fighting a new version of the Green Goblin known as the Queen Goblin and leaving after saving his own girlfriend from danger. Spider-Man’s utter apathy towards the well-being of others is unnerving and proves that he doesn’t care what harm may fall upon someone who either stands in his way or who he has no strong feelings towards. If Venom were to cross Spider-Man’s path, Ben Reilly would easily defeat him in part because he has done so before and also because he evidently doesn’t care about the well-being of others. There would be no chance of Marvel’s new Spider-Man holding back in a future fight against Venom just as he didn’t during their first fight, proving that he is Venom’s greatest threat.

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