Marvel's New Sorcerer Supreme Just Proved She's Scarier Than Doctor Doom

Warning: contains a preview of Strange #1! 

The recently concluded Death of Doctor Strange miniseries saw a new name take on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme, but Doctor Doom isn't happy about it. Clea, a sorceress from the Dark Dimension and Strange's wife, is fulfilling his final wish and taking his place as the mystical defender of Earth. In a new Strange #1 preview from Marvel, Doctor Doom believes that he should be the new Sorcerer Supreme and threatens to take the role by force.

The preview for Jed MacKay's and Marcelo Ferreira's Strange #1 opens with an annoyed Clea irked by a pounding at the door to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Doctor Doom barges in, an act that would terrify most, but Clea is unphased, and instead invites him in. Doom declares that the Sorcerer Supreme title is his and threatens Clea with his magic. Being Dormammu's niece, she doesn't react as fans might expect when confronted by one of Marvel's most imposing villains.

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The preview ends on that cliffhanger, but it pretty much establishes that Doctor Doom will be one of the villains, if not the main antagonist, of Clea's story as Sorcerer Supreme. Doom is an incredibly strong magic-user, and both have close ties to the late Stephen Strange. This sets up a great story for Clea as she fights to prove herself as Earth's new mystical defender and deny the power-hungry Latverian dictator. Clea will likely overcome Doom at this beginning point in the story, but there's no doubt that he will be coming back. Enjoy the preview of Strange #1, as shared by AIPT.

Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom actually shared a grudging respect. Strange originally had to defeat Doctor Doom to become Sorcerer Supreme, and saving the dictator's mom from Hell was one of his greatest victories. Strange even served Doom after he gained near-omnipotence in 2015's Secret Wars, though ultimately betrayed him to save the Avengers. Despite these partnerships, Doom is nothing if not ambitious, so it's not surprising he would try to claim Strange's title on his death. Thankfully, Clea is no pushover, and her incredible power and warlike mentality will likely be capable of winning his respect (something which won't stop him trying to destroy her.)

Both characters have a strong claim to the title, as while he may be evil, Doom does make it his business to deal with magical threats to Earth. Clea is obviously a very capable sorceress, but as Doom point out, her right to the Sorcerer Supreme title is suspect, and he won't be the first contender she'll need to face down to keep it. Find out if Clea has what it takes to hold on to the title of Sorcerer Supreme against Doctor Doom when Strange #1 hits stores March 2.

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Source: AIPT

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