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Forest's Minuet is Sheet Music Song in Lost Ark that players will need to reveal hidden passages throughout the world and fulfill various regional side quests. For example, adventurers must play the song to complete "Whispering Minuet," a Daily Quest from Una's Tasks in the Whispering Islet. Furthermore, players will need the melody to remove the giant vines blocking a hidden area with two Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Lakebar zone. As a result, the Forest's Minuet Song will likely be sought after by many players.

Acquiring Forest's Minuet in Lost Ark is not a simple endeavor, requiring several prerequisites to be fulfilled. The first and most straightforward requirement is obtaining the ability to travel by boat, which is naturally unlocked as players progress through the main story. Specifically, "Set Sail!" - the final quest of East Luterra's storyline - will grant players a ship to traverse the World Map of Arkesia.

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The second prerequisite is obtaining the Song of Resonance, a Sheet Music piece that players can buy for Pirate Coins ×16,500 from Treasure Hunter Igran, a merchant on the ship's deck of Peyto. The most efficient way to procure this sum of Pirate Coins is by completing the quest chains on Freedom Isle and Blackfang Den, two islands in Lost Ark that will reward players with more than enough Pirate Coins for the purchase. Once players have bought the Song of Resonance, they must fulfill the final condition for acquiring Forest's Minuet of reaching Level 50, as the necessary purple quest will not become available until players have met this level requirement.

After fulfilling the three prerequisites described above, Lost Ark fans can head to Lullaby Island to acquire Forest's Minuet. Keep in mind that the isle is tied to a time-gated Admission Period, so players will need to check the in-game schedule to see if Lullaby Island is available. Upon arrival, speak to the Traveler Eclipse to begin "The Forest Where Fairies Sing," the first quest within a four-part series.

For the following several objectives, Lost Ark Western players are tasked with interacting with invisible singing fairies. Adventurers must progress the quest by choosing the correct order of dialogue options when speaking to the fairies.

  • First Fairy Interaction: 1 - 1 - 2
  • Second Fairy Interaction: 2 - 2 - 1 - 1
  • Third Fairy Interaction: 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 1

Afterward, players must participate in a repeatable Co-op Quest to collect Voice of the Forest ×3. This is the quest during which the Song of Resonance is needed to proceed. As mentioned above, the quest is time-gated, so players may need to wait to begin. After collecting three Voices of the Forest collectibles in Lost Ark, players should return to the invisible fairy to receive the Forest's Minuet Song.

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Lost Ark is available on PC via Steam.

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